Armour Transportation Systems


Armour Transportation Systems is a transportation and warehousing company based in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Founded in 1955 in a small village outside Moncton, Armour has grown to become one of the leading transport companies in Canada



7 thoughts on “Armour Transportation Systems

  1. Wow! fidiuss i must say, its a great skin! many thanks to you! i know it was a simple one but still its strait out of the heart. thanks! Now i can delete all this modding nonesense that i cant understand… ;) good job! keep up the good work!!! and on this note being a modder is one thing but being a modder that listens to his people is a second! =)

    1. Nylha your welcome ……please keep trying your skinning dont give up just take your time you will become better over time ….glad you like the truck :) some of my skins dont make it to this site so check …..happy trucking!

  2. Very nice work on this! I am from Nova Scotia so I see these going all the time! Thanks!

    1. your welcome Fordy…..

    2. lindro889

      im from Nova Scotia as well to cool to see this skin

  3. Hey fid i was wondering is it hard to make the skin just a little bit darker of a red? if not is it possible to do so? just a little bit. i did as you said and kept the programs to make skins but i think my issues are the templates =/ still unsure they dont seem to show up ingame but i make everything right =.=

  4. hey im wondering if you could create a armour trailer skinpack with midland, sunbury and easons truck and triler skins. that would be super cool and i would love it thx

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