Multiplayer Ready T680 Hybrid Engine Pack v2


Choose only one at a time, activate mod in singleplayer, find truck in dealer, purchase, save game, load in Multiplayer.

All trucks have 625hp Cat with the sound from the W900.

I’ll work more on the other trucks once the 389 is released.



3 thoughts on “Multiplayer Ready T680 Hybrid Engine Pack v2

  1. Errr, um, I thought I put hybrid in quotations, and I’m not sure why the heck I wrote ‘engine pack’…
    I did forget to say that all sleeper trucks have no side skirts, just tanks.

    1. kaleb33497

      update this and let us use the side skirts this truck looks horrible without them

  2. You have to be level 18 in order to buy the truck that has the 625HP engine.

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