13 thoughts on “Real Tires Mod v 1.3

  1. Ever since the 1st version of this mod you’ve been told over and over and over that this mod soon as you try and pick back tires it freezes up your whole #### PC, this version is no different so if your not gonna fix this #### mod correctly STOP POSTING THIS PIECE OF @#$@!!!!!!

    1. Dark3t3rnal

      Thumbs up for Uncle_D!!

  2. Bill Alicea

    Same issue as stated, freezes when choosing any tire

    1. I only had that problem when I was using other tire mods. Once I removed them they worked fine.

    2. I had the same problem, then I realized that its for v1.2, not 1.1

  3. Working fine. This mod only works on ats 1.2b+ on the new wheel customization system

  4. Since version 1.0, there are actually some rear tires that work for me. Mostly the Goodyear and Michelin. But like most people are saying, there is still a unique crash when choosing certain tires. The crash doesn’t crash to desktop, it just freezes the game. So it’s unique. I have to control, alt, delete and then force quit Euro Truck. Hope this helps you figure it out.

  5. I’ve used every version and have had no problems.

    1. One thing I would like to see is more matching sets. Some tire don’t have matching front and rear tires.

  6. If your gonna build a mod it should work well with other mods out, period….you ###### see our screenshots, you know what mods folks are using…….ya ain’t gonna be happy till you destroy somebodies motherboard with all this #### crashing of BULLSHIZT MODS!

  7. I’m not taking out mods to JUST run yours……what kinda dumb azz #### is that?

  8. John Peterson

    I’m having some issues when I am trying to change tires on the Peterbilt 579’s back wheel.

  9. fatbobtrucker

    none of the front wheels seem to match the back wheels kind of ruins the mod and makes the truck look like ####. unless you spend for ever trying to match when you should just match name of wheel to wheel kinda and pointless

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