Map Mexico Suroeste

Please see the video of the Youtube link, to activate it correctly and do not have any problem with the map, ENJOY!


By Team American Truck Mx


8 thoughts on “Map Mexico Suroeste

  1. Wim Frencken

    #####, we speak english here

    1. Wim is it really that hard for you to understand is it?


        No he just doesn’t understand that he’s on the World Wide Web, and also that Spanish is also spoken all over the world more than English. On the internet there is no set language. I’m don’t speak Spanish and from watching the video it’s easy to understand that this is a map for a bus mod. I’ve tried it but not as a bus mod and so far all my mods ( truck traffic trailer Jazzycat company etc) work on it. You don’t have to use it as a bus mod only.

  2. is this compatible with other maps?

    1. it’s standalone map

  3. Win,,,,+Its+better+to+remain+silent+and+be+thought+a+fool,+then+to+speak+up+and+remove+all++doubt,

  4. crashes for me when i pick a job

  5. … and where do we get all these other necessary mods??

    And the gamelog is red with modeltexture errors!

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