MHAPro map ATS 1.3


fFor version: ATS 1.2.x

Credits: Heavy Alex

ChangeLog: new in ChangeLog from last update

MHAPro ATS 1.3. (Compatible with 1.2.x Steam and higher):

1. new models in game MOD
2. new city McGill (Nevada)
– company MHA_constr
– company re_train
3. new company IKEA in ATS
4. a lot of new truck and car models
– in cities
– on weight places
– on gas stations
– on other parking places
5. new signs model in mod – arrows
6. redesigned city Ely
– company Burger King
7. redesigned highway 80 from cross with hw 5 to Reno
8. redesigned small city Truckee (CA)
9. redesigned Carson city
– company MHA roadwork
10. new AT parking truck place model from old game
11. new AT pole parking place from old game
12. new small place – Topaz Lake
– company gal_oil_gst
13. redesigned road 395 between Carson city and Topanah (NV)
14. redesigned Sacramento (CA)
– company MHA servis
– company IKEA
15. redesigned road 37 from highway to San Rafael
16. redesigned highway 580 from Reno to Carson Ciy (CA)
– new gas station on highway
17. city El Centro
– company MHA Servis
– company MHA constr
18. redesigned road 50 from Carson city to Ely
– new gas station
– new parking place
– new service place
19. redesigned road 95 from road 50 (north) to Tonopah
– new gas station
– new parking place
– new service place
20. new company Petrol
21. new small city Coachella
– company Burger King
– company Petrol
22. redisegned road 58 from Oxnard (CA) with new gas station to Bakersfield (CA)
23. city Oxnard
– company MHA Service
24. city Bakersfield
– company MHA contr
– company Roadwork
25. redesigned road 395 from Bakersfield (CA) to Topanah (NV)
– with new gas stations
26. fixed many small things in game MOD
27. if you will see small thiny lines in map, that is from truck models on parkings
28. replaced World of Trucks sign to HOLLYWOOD in LA (credit to Aradeth)


43 thoughts on “MHAPro map ATS 1.3

  1. Just what I figured, it’s not loading for me in (non beta)


    Uncle_D: You not see?????!!

    MHAPro ATS 1.3. (Compatible with 1.2.x Steam and higher)!!!

  3. What the hell MsHeavyAlex? Why did you only make this compatible with 1.2 beta? ###### idea if you ask me.

    1. Heavy Alex

      you must know how much work is to make something compatible with one or other version … in that case you ‘ll know how is that …

      on other hand, new Public Update 1.2.1 from SCS is very close … and I dont go back…just further ! ;)

      1. Yes, I do know how much work it is. But, it’s obvious that a popular map mod like this must be published on the OFFICIAL VERSION which is ATS 1.1. The 1.2 Beta is still unstable and not everyone uses it. You should’ve published this mod on version 1.1, regardless. Especially since 1.2 isn’t even a official version.

        1. Ways has a very good point there

        2. JPM TRANSPORT

          I’m using the older version of the map and it worked on 1.1 on 1.2 beta and now the latest version. So what’s your complaining, I guess it’s your hobby. Anyway thanks for the great map heavy Alex, for the ATS version and the ETS version.

          1. This map is made for Version 1.2 like said in the description. I even tried it on old version and it crashed my game. And, no, this is my not hobby, I am actually a fan of his ATS map, but I am just pointing out that he should’ve obviously published this on Version 1.1.

    2. Why is that ######? We will all be on 1.2.x release soon. It would be ###### to do all that work in 1.1.3 for nothing.

      1. You read the blog? SCS said they aren’t releasing the official 1.2x anytime soon. They have to spend some more time in Beta. Obviously that means we wont be in 1.2x anytime ”soon”.

  4. Heavy Alex


    that version is JUST FOR ATS 1.2.1 …which is still not Public …. it is in Beta on STEAM … so, those who dont use Beta version, be patient a little bid …

    SCS work on that and it will be soon Public out too …

    On other hand, you can open Beta on Steam too and play … like we do !

  5. Beta won’t even open on some people’s PC’s like mines so I’m not looking forward to it! @#$@ that workshop!

    1. i agree with you on the workshop Uncle_D !

      1. Agreed. Heavy Alex should have thought a little harder about the version to release this map on. Otherwise, bad idea to release it on 1.2 Beta, bad idea.

      2. I am not for the workshop either and I really hope you amazing modders stick to this site.

  6. Why waste time in launching a MOD to a version that will soon be outdated ?

    Heavy Alex , good work . you’re right.

    1. Do you see modders of popular map mods such as Promods release a new version of a map on a BETA Version of ETS 2?

  7. Patrick(France)

    Je trouve que c’est une bonne idée, cette map pour bêta.
    Merci pour ce travail Alex. Je vais l’essayer dès que possible.



  9. Ok…I get the frustration. .I am also dissapointed I can play this map yet as I will not do beta…however this is by far probably best map mod out there, and I can imagine a huge undertaking. I don’t understand anything about how to do back and forward campatibility, but as we all know, official up date is soon so instead of being rude to the author, if like my self you like his map so much tgat you can’t wait to play it, show some respect fimor his abilities and some appreciation. I want it now! , well off and be patient and #### glad it is already there and waiting for you when SCS launches update….if it were me I’d take it down and say say screw you guys…which I certainly hope he doesn’t do , so I hope the the”entitled” ones and whiners don’t ruin for the rest of us. …to the author I say, thank you for such great work! And u look forward to using your updated mod.

    1. one is disputing the hard work and effort that goes into the mod making for the map or Heavy Alex continued contribution towards the modding community the question in discussion is game version not how bad the map is or the effort thats put into creating it ….i have been using the authors maps since day one and will continue to do so and neither have i complained about this latest release :) the only complaint i made and Uncle D made was about the steam crappy workshop and the beta version not Heavy Alex’s work or map…

      1. Crash.,..That was not the point. Our point is about the beta and game version like Fiduss said. And you cant just say im disrespecting Heavy Alex’s work. I am actually saying this because I was WAITING AND LOOKING FOWARD to his work. You cant just tell us ”be patient”, because we were looking foward to this map very much. All we were arguing about is the game version..Not Heavy’s map. I am a proud supporter of Heavy Alex’s ATS map, a human can get dissapointed sometimes too..

        1. agreed. I am seriously disappointed that I have to wait too. I just thought it sounded a little un-appreciative and sounded to me like people were giving him grief for not making it for current version, which I understand with the up coming update. so if I misread or misinterpreted the complaints, then that’s my bad.

  10. I am a great fan of MHA pro map thank you for your great effort and always has and will support modders but releasing it for beta keeps lot of fans in the dark, when it comes to scs they are very slow they told in there blog that arizona map will be relased VERY SOON ! but it all ready about two months and nothing yet, so who may know beta might be relased tommorow, next week, next month or in few months no one knows. And it’s not worth changing for beta because of lug nuts and steam workshop with some minor updates is not that appealing, and i too don’t like steam workshop i have many expiriances in workshop mod updates breaking the whole game and ruining the game for me plus it discourage some great modders and they drop out of modding in long run leaving many not that great mods on workshop for some reason. So i like sites like this which i was downloading mods from ets2 launch,

  11. I like your map, keep up the good work. Awesome 5/5 *****

  12. Your map is awesome as always, You have a follower. Any plans on adding states to your MHA map. Understand it can take time. Maybe you can do a few states then release it. Seeing as SCS it Lolly gagging on the their map updates. Keep up the great work Heavy Alex.

  13. neither version ever worked for me…always crashed game

  14. Thanks Heavy Alex. I have no problem waiting for official update. Playing your previous release and look forward to seeing the changes you have made. Keep up the great work. Your map mod is a work of art.

  15. Unfortunately it is not compatible with the version of the C2C v1.6. New patch to add which is not yet

    1. It’s compatible.

      Somebody in that forum said to delete the 2 sectors.

      This is pretty much your only way to play MHAPro and C2C 1.6 Together as Mantrid isn’t enthusiastic in making a patch for MHAPro. Which I can agree on, since Heavy Alex didn’t pick a smart choice on which version to upload his map on. Considering his map is a popular map mod and not a trailer mod or some small modification.

  16. GroundedOwl

    Unfortunately for me my game crashes when I try to use this map, previous version worked perfectly but this version is crashing on load.

    1. GroundedOwl

      I found the mod conflict it was a sound file for w900 engines. After removing that and loading auto save from before that JD was installed, MHA now works perfectly

  17. Thanks for new map its good only problem I found is it tells you to go in weighing station after you pass it lol so means it gets missed….not sure if it is all the stations but one I went passed did.

  18. which number is it for the TA truck stop

  19. Where can I get the U.S. Xpress trailer in the picture? Nice map BTW

  20. R3dn3ck7ruck3r

    It keeps crashing my game when i try to install parts on the trucks

  21. The map works just fine. I’m not using the new 1.3 because I refuse to mess with steam workshop for some #### lug nuts. That’s just rediculous to me. I did use Mantrids previously released patch instead of the new patch because there were missing spots in the extensions for the interstates going to Phoenix , Flagstaff , and between Vegas and Denver. The old patch fixed those issues whereas the new patch did not. Don’t know why and don’t care. I have been a huge follower of MHA Pro for a long time and will continue to use Alex’s mods. Great work as always buddy and thanks for all that you do. I will not use a beta release unfortunately but when the official release is out you can bet your ### I will be downloading your new releases again.

  22. ross gillies

    Still got holes in the map around eureka area. Reported with 1.2 so how come you produce a 1.3 without fixing something you must know about?

  23. ILuvGames2016

    Just wanted to share something important. I just noticed recently that site, where alot of the mods are uploaded, the site itself has 2 Trojans that will harm people’s computer. I suggest going to a different site to upload mods to.

    The 1 mod that keeps popping up is Ransomware, which is not good. Even if you have the best Adblock, it skips over it.

    The 2 trojans that was detected on that site is Troj.Gen and Troj.Gen2.

    1. ILoveGames2016

      Update to the virus problems on site. The admin have removed the viruses on the site and I checked to make sure. Glad the admin have cleaned up the issues.

  24. part 2 BROKEN

  25. Blackspots

    Something I found interesting: This is compatible with 1.2, but don’t use the MHAPro & C2C Compatibility patch with it. You’ll fall through the world at the weigh station south of Huron if you use that patch.

  26. alexcyrh22

    there is a void on the road between chevron and road 58 at bakersfield, i falled in no where

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