Map DLC Peru V.1.1 Beta


1. Puerto (Puerto Maldonado).
2. Delta Uno.


Proxima cities:
1. Delta Uno
2. San Gaban
3. La Pampa

Models credits:
SCS Software.

Credits Map:
Elvis Madariaga

DOWNLOAD 48 MB [blogspot]

14 thoughts on “Map DLC Peru V.1.1 Beta

  1. Justadude

    Wow, this looks actually pretty good. Anyone with experiences?

  2. Good map! :) but maybe just make a road trough mexico and other countries to get to peru then its even better and more fun! and more driving to do. but so far its a good map good job :)

  3. Forget Peru y’all need to update trucks

  4. dont download it its pasworded………………..

  5. Your map is really good. I loved the enviroment and the road trip (i drove with W900-605hp). It’s really important that is compatible with Coast to Coast, Hawai and MHAPro mod maps.

    The only two things i found negative are these :
    1. No connection with the rest of the countries.
    2. No gas stations.

    I know it’s beta, so we all can expect improvements.

    Thank you. Keep up the great work.

  6. I bought “American” truck, which Peru reason?

  7. Good map.Atleast its not something that is copied and pasted xD

  8. Elvis Madariaga

    I dedicate myself to copy and paste as you say, my works are unique and origuinales, do not come qui try to insinuate that maps theft

  9. _Classic_

    500 hp Paccar, 18 spd Eaton Fuller, Peterbilt 389, taking a 64000 lb crane, up the winding mountain road in Peru, by Elvis Madariaga, which gradually gets steeper as you get near the top. This excellent mod is just what I’ve been looking for, steep and winding.

    Great job. Keep it up.


  10. Awesome work.
    Now if we could get Mexico and Peru connected, as well as Washington to Alaska, we could do some really awesome long runs.

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