Mexuscan v.0.3 Beta


Playable without further map mod

Compatible with coast to coast (MHAPro-C2C_Patch.scs require)
1.MHAPro compatibility patch
3.coast to coast

not testing with MHAPro

Relesase Note:

fix error
sector files not modified deleted
add vancouver (finish next update)
add gas station
rework La Paz
add repair center
fix error
add mod info and logo
Firts release
add Portland
add seattle
add La Paz



17 thoughts on “Mexuscan v.0.3 Beta

  1. Narnia ######

    Please make mexico bigger its my native country and I would love to drive in mexico. :)

  2. truckersim101

    Finally someone that made canada and mexico!
    I love it just add more scenery on the way and make your city bigger if possible and maybe canada bigger and that’s it :]

  3. Had a problem at hornbrook, invisible wall, but I went up the slip road and all was well. A few tears in the map here and there and a big bump as you enter Vancouver (at 93mph) but again all is well. Thanks for this mod, an excellent addition :) . I am now about to set off to la Paz, I’ll let you know how I get on :) Keep up the excellent work.

  4. Just got to La Paz, same problem with invisible wall just south of south ignaciao, so if you were carrying freight, it might be slightly damaged. I hit the wall at 97mph which bounced me over. Got to La Paz, repaired my truck, went to pick up some freight and ‘game crash’. Having said that, game crash could happen anywhere at anytime and I am running ATS BETA.

    The map itself, great for long hauls, but a problem if you’re gonna hit invisible walls…. all in all, good stuff :)


      Slow down Bill, LOL.

  5. brad tyler

    Thanks for the mod hope you will add to it. Would not work for me the way you said to put the mods i had to put Coast to Coast then .MHAPro then mexuscan works great.

  6. Peter Buvik

    The game crashes when trying to take a job in Seattle

  7. Before I download, are these actual new cites and not cities that were copied and pasted as new cities? because If drive up into oregon and see tons of desert, that means it’s not really new since the western side is filled with trees

  8. Portland looks really flat…Sorry..but more work has to be done to this map. I mean, Mantrid used copy/paste but atleast the cities look right.

  9. I live in oregon,bout 60 miles north of hornbrook. So exited to find llt get to drive in oregon, so dissapointed not to see mountains and tree. Appreciate your work,and the ability to travel both north and south from original map.i hope you add scenery soon, thanks.

    1. So is it more desert up there? or is it filled with mountains and tree’s? I’m also in Oregon and gonna be disappointed if Portland looks very desert looking because it doesn’t

      1. It depends on where you live. South eastern Oregon is high desert but not really all that flat in specific areas. Harney , Christmas Valley etc etc . . . Are some of the more flat desert type terrain.

        1. Well were talking about western Oregon, like Portland, I never see any desert land, once you travel east out of Portland then its basically desert

  10. YourModSucks

    SMH, why do people makes maps that not nothing anywhere close to real life? Oregon and Washington look nothing like the real thing. Now I know it’s impossible to model a map 1:1 and contain everything as it does in real life, but at least give the person using the mod the feeling that the scenery is somewhat accurate. Washington and Oregon have mountains and lots of trees, which is what set the pacific Northwest apart from anywhere else in the USA. Also it normally rains quite a bit in there, so setting the rain probability would help with the realism. Eastern Washington and Oregon are relatively flat and resemble more of a mid-western look.

  11. Deputydawg

    Is this an actual map or just one of those maps that add new “cities” that aren’t actually cities but just barely functional locations?

  12. no scenery..i live in Rogue valley area of Southern Oregon, very disappointed to see ALL DESERT no trees or any thing, however appreciate the effort. But at this point it is just a road and a few stops , as this is first post of map hopefully author adds scenery and detail soon. but it is more than I could do so , respect.

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