MHAPro 1.4 for ATS v1.4.x


ChangeLog :

MHAPro ATS 1.4 (Compatible with 1.4.x Steam and higher):

1. fixed all problems with trailers
2. fixed speed on roads in El Centro
3. fixed speed on highway cross El Centro
4. fixed speed on highway Los Angeles
5. fixed compatibility MHAPro MOD with new SCS Public update 1.4.x

Author: Heavy Alex


8 thoughts on “MHAPro 1.4 for ATS v1.4.x

  1. MHAPro 1.4 for ATS v1.4.x

  2. mafiozos68

    Easy to subscribe to the site ( too many ways/channels – even with your Steam account)
    Easy & quick download all map parts (even if you choose the free downloading)
    Nice & detailed map
    Thank you ΜsHeavyAlex for your efforts & for keeping your map always up to date.

  3. not jumping through hoops and signing up everywhere just to download 1 mod….

  4. 56boneshaker

    The map maybe good,but trying to login is hell.5 atemps and cant try for 2 hours even when user name and password is correct.Even changing password is ######.Hoe can you get a comfirmation email if you use your id user.

    1. just login with steam :)
      My confirmation came in like 4 hours after tried to sign up steam works fine

  5. I think this is the worse download site I have ever been on. You have a good map, but nobody can use it because you cannot log in. Site needs work, LittleD56

  6. Wim Frencken

    the ###…. isn’t even replying to his messages.
    He is an #####

  7. A+lot+of+####+just+to+go+nowhere,i’ts+a+great+mod+but+the+way+to+get+the+download+link+####’s+on+everything.

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