Map DLC Peru

Date 2016-08-29 09:33


1. Puerto (Puerto Maldonado).
2. Delta Uno.
3. Delta Dos.
4. Sandoval.
5. La Victoria.
6. Mazuco.


Proxima cities:
1. ollachea
2. San Gaban
3. La Pampa

Peru credit model:
Jhon Cristian Charca.

Credits Map:
Elvis Madariaga

Facebook page;

Elvis Madariaga

DOWNLOAD 126 MB [Mirror]

7 Responses to Map DLC Peru

  1. Mike

    when downloaded and extracted the files are corrupted and damaged, errormessage in winrar

  2. R Godden

    No problem with the download for me and it extracted perfectly.


  3. renenate12

    is it compatible with other maps ??

  4. I’ve found a bug, when trying to get to Eureka with this map turned on, i fell through the ground and then my game crashed.

  5. msauveur

    impossible to run on this card because we arrive by ferry is blocked in 2 directions

  6. Explodedgames


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