Mexuscan Map v 1.11


Coast 2 Coast is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

2-Coast 2 Coast

Important note: 7 september, coast 2 coast 1.8 is not completely compatible with ats 1.4 and mexcali 1.0.
For playing with ats 1.4 open coast 2 coast 1.8 with winrar, go to folder /def/ and delete game_data.sii (this dont not resolve all bugs)

*compatible ATS 1.4
*mexico part removed
*compatible with mexicali & interstate 10
*fix speed limit and fuel price for each province (Thanx to Mantrid)
*upgrade background world map by m1keY
*halifax & fort mcmurray reworked
*add nome, rouyn-noranda
*add quebec, ottawa by Bigbearlesson101
*add liscence plate by BEARlyThereCDN
*special thanx to PitbullTasja & BEARlyThereCDN for help

Author: ManiaX


7 thoughts on “Mexuscan Map v 1.11

  1. Is this compatible with Heavy Alex’s newest MHA Map. ? or just the one’s listed above?

  2. can not play it without the new update for Coast 2 Coast

  3. works Coast 2 Coast map

  4. cristiannarcis79

    I saw that appeared on the map of Cuba , Dominican Republic , Jamaica and Puerto Rico . Keeping intentions are built in these countries mentioned me?

  5. Doesnt work for me :(

  6. Its not compatible with mexicali and interstate 10 !!!

  7. coast to coast and mex works so far on 1.4 did not work with mexicali and interstate 10

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