Mexuscan v 1.5


Work well with MHAPro 1.3 and Coast to Coast 1.6

See the picture for priority list:

Version 1.5
– Add new brunswick, nova scotia
– Add thunder bay, halifax, toronto
– Add roads name, flags country, welcome sign state

Author: ManiaX


35 thoughts on “Mexuscan v 1.5

  1. Nice work ManiaX and thank you. It would be important to add Ottawa, as it is Canada’s capital city and Highway 401 and Trans Canada Highway are the most traveled highways by truckers.

    Thanks again

  2. no city Saguenay on the map

  3. mark pitman

    do you put yarmouth nova scoita i live in nova scoita i live in yar

  4. ManiaX what is the USA_CAN MOD? It’s showing in your Mod manager. Is it part of another Mod?

    1. Here’s the USA_CAN patch :

      I suppose ManiaX forgot to post it.

      1. Tanks Stavros, I’lloris try this soon.

  5. davemc1975

    Game crash with this mod

  6. davemc1975

    Game crashs with this mod

  7. +1: City Saguenay not showing in the map.
    BTW: at least here, working fine with C2C 1.6

    Thanks for the map ManiaX!
    Keep the good work!

  8. Does this work with MHA pro 1.3?

  9. Crashes right after loading profile, Any solutions?

  10. DuckieBae

    Can you add Newfoundland And Labrador (Province next to Nova Scotia) and St. John’s (city in Newfoundland And Labrador)

  11. CNDBaconWarrior

    I love the fact that you added Canadian cities but please include Regina, Saskatchewan. Its the province capital and is on the highway you have included. Its a personal preference as i live in that province. Please include this stop. Thankyou.

  12. CumminsISX69

    Putting garages in more Canadian cities would be nice – such as Winnipeg, Toronto, and Montreal. That way we can quick travel when we need to. Other than that, I am enjoying the mod, and thanks for your hard work.

  13. How about Salem, Oregon and Olympia, Washington?

  14. USA_CAN mod ???

  15. bigtall10

    Well, C2C does not connect with either your map or MHAPro. There are gaps between. and this is following your load order.

    1. I get the same problem with c2c and MHApro but have yet gotten any help with the issue

  16. darex2521

    Witam Trakerów . czy mapa Mario będzie współpracować z tą mapą ?

  17. there is a wall >>>>>>>>>> on the highway in Toronto
    and can not deliver my cargo in Toronto
    because the road is blocked >>>>>>>>>

  18. Jaime long

    Can you add Moncton to New brunswick and also have a garage in the city,that’s were in live and would be cool,thanks.

  19. stonewall012

    Please add some fuel stations and rest areas in Canada. Thanks and nice work.

  20. Dude there is an error in the toll gate to San Luis, San Ignacio y La Paz

  21. We really miss the \Welcome to Idaho\ sign. Also, there is a mistake on US90, when reaching Idaho coming from Montana we can see the \Welcome to the state of Washington\ sign. At the same place but on the other way, there is the \Welcome to Montana\ sign. The W to Montana should be here but not the W to Washington which should be at the border between Idaho and Washington. We also miss the \Welcome to Oregon\ sign when exiting Boise in direction of Winnemucca via Road 95.

    1. Priority:
      mtl/boston patch
      coast to coast

  22. please try to connect i 15 from c2c map to your i 15 so can go north to south there also connect the north south road from winnipeg i 94 and connect it somewhere to c2c map and name highway too thanks

  23. Just a heads up…there are a few places between Edmonton and Winnipeg where the road does not line up correctly. I can drive normal and adjust but the AI vehicles adjust abruptly to the alignment of the road and because of this I have had a vehicle ram into my truck and cause damage. Hopefully the road alignment can be fixed in a future update.

    Greatly appreciated,

  24. godzilla2076

    please correction way between ely go to pioche on 93 after hill I dropp on big hole and after that my game crash plz fix thx

    1. godzilla2076 after pass sign carzone I pass over the map and check my mirrors.

  25. New version (1.6) is released. follow my work on:

  26. please update your map to work with coast to coast map 1.7 that just released your map wont work with c2c 1.7

  27. Lone Wolf

    I hope that you plan to add some more rest area’s on the highways. You will not see a lot of trucks leave the highways to fuel up. The only time they leave the highways is to drop there loads.

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