MHAPro map ATS 1.3.1


For version: ATS 1.2.x

Credits: Heavy Alex

ChangeLog: new in ChangeLog from last update

MHAPro ATS 1.3.1 (Compatible with 1.2.x Steam and higher):

1. fixed MHA transp company in Jackpot
2. new highway 99 from Stockton to Sacramento (CA)
3. new connection to Sacramento (CA) from west side
4. new highway 99 from Sacramento (CA) to highway 80
5. fixed many small things on map
6. new look road 152 near Santa Cruz with new parking places and gas station


21 thoughts on “MHAPro map ATS 1.3.1

  1. Does this work with c2c map mod?

  2. Heavy, can you make a patch to make this work with Seal’s US 50/CA 99 extensions? As i feel both are great maps and Seal has a lot of work that can just merge with MHAPro. Seal’s map includes more content in the Sacramento area anyway.

  3. It works with the C2C and Mexuscan maps for the most part.

    1. Dont use with C2C Yet, Mantrid is still working on a patch

      1. Is he still working on this? This would help me out a lot! I had to disable the C2C because of this.

  4. download links still say 1.3, not 1.3.1

    1. no, it’s correct, tkane to his site and below there’s the files …. 1.3.1 part 1-5

  5. Heavy Alex

    Hello girls and guys,

    From 18 WOS game I stick with SCS jobs … so, those who want connect on my map , they can, but they must do properly, that will work. I dont work any patches …

    Download link goes to my Blog and post where you have ALL 5 parts in post inside. .. later will be on right side of blog too



    1. bigtall10

      I have not tried this version yep because I dont want to break my current save, but it seems to me there is a conflict with Seal’s US 50/CA 99 mod, which is pretty good just like your map. Could you please verify if these two will continue to work together?

      1. Heavy Alex

        I dont touch border Sectors …. because I stick long, long time (from 18 WOS) with all Defult SCS maps …. so, those who make other MODs, must make there MODs that will work properly with Vanilla game …

        How can some other mappers make good connections to my map ?? …. so, those who want connect to my map, they will ;) and those always contact me too

  6. With this mod the outside camera view sucks. They need to fix that.

    1. Heavy Alex

      Sucks ?

      delete Camera folder out of Part 1 in DEF …and it wont sucks to you … from that reason is open source !!

  7. I was driving from sandiego and los angeles and at the weight/gas station on the way out of san diego I fell right through the road as i was passing by it.

  8. Heading North East towards Primm, the road is incomplete and I would think the last update would have fixed it.

  9. Hello, there is blackhole on first traffic lights in Ely, approaching from west. After that game crash.

  10. Reno is a little messed up right now. Telephone poles and barriers in the middle of road. Thanks for you’re hard work though I’m sure you will get it sorted.

  11. what do i do if its not showing up in my mods maneger???

  12. Could this be compatible with Coast to Coast 1.7?

  13. Rell Harris

    MHA Pro map file two saying file cant be found.

  14. Why Not sign GPS red Line when select Shop accessory And in The map Not red Line But x red?

  15. Just wondering why Alex (creator of MHA) says he will upgrade MHA ATS map to ATS 1.3?

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