Mexuscan 1.4


For Coast to coast user it’s possible for you to connect boston to montreal

mtl/boston patch
coast to coast

add saskatchewan, manitoba, ontario, quebec
add winnipeg, montreal
make connection patch


DOWNLOAD 8 MB [mexuscan]
DOWNLOAD 1.1 MB [boston]

29 thoughts on “Mexuscan 1.4

  1. Mexuscan 1.4 crashs my game can u fix it plz

  2. man this map keep getting better and better keep up the good work

  3. everytime Crash my game with this mod. ist bad

  4. truckersim101

    Two things to do: make montreal feel bigger because is has 3 million of peoples, You would just need to fill the city with houses and big buildings and also add some grass to montreal.

  5. this map has broken roads.and affects other areas of the map….version 1.3 was great
    not working for me

  6. hi all this work\s for me put in MHA PRO ATS v 1.3 5 to 1 and o2 mario map and coast to coast v 1.6 and mexuscan v 1.4 and MTL boston and us 50 99 extension v 1.3 .

  7. hi all this work;s for me MHA PRO ATS V 1.3 5 TO 1 AND 02 MARIO MAP COAST TO COAST V 1.6 AND MEXUSCAN V 1.4 AND MTL BOSTON AND US 50 AND 99 EXTENSION V 1.3

  8. One thing. Just what order must the mods be in so that the roads match the size of the map like in your pictures you got posted here. I have them in order as you show above and I have them above the MHAPro mod.

  9. Nice map maniaX if you can please make some offroad or old small roads to connect some roads as a shortcut or alternative road to original highway, best of luck dude.!

  10. Prometheus

    Map coast to coast, v 6.1.04, is better than the previous, but still this crash on I-10 between Phoenix and El Paso and texturing problems in the landscape on the edge of the highway.

    1. I have the same problem.

  11. Pff, i try all combination but is not start this 14 version for me…hat i’m doing wrong?

  12. I also downloaded this version, installed it and my game crashes again on the same spot just outside El Paso. I even took a different cargo and route but it just crashes my game again.


    Thanks ManiaX for a great map. I’m from Montreal and this is greatly appreciated, FYI Canada highway’s are in kilometres like Europe. We use the metric system,mix with some American metrics, lol. The speed limit on highways is 100 km, provincial roads are between 70 and 90 km, and city streets 30 km school zone and 50 km in the city.

  14. please work with mantrid doing the coast 2 coast map that would be great also please add the highway numbers to the map as well thanks

  15. Nascar_Perry

    Unbelievable job, congrats and good job. It is very nice to see someone making these additions. I bid you a lot of good luck trying Toronto, Ontario. If you have any experiences trying to make 3D models, I could try to assist you with the CN Tower, some Toronto landmark buildings, the 401 along the top of the city, and the Gardiner / QEW along the bottom of the city which leads to Buffalo, NY. The city is pretty big at about 2.9 million or more now. In real time, it takes approx 45min to 1hour to get from one side of Toronto to the other side with no traffic issues at 100km/h (60mph). and about 1.5 hours to get from the west edge of Toronto to the US border (Buffalo).

    1. Nascar_Perry

      I am getting a crash though using this mod on DirectX.

      Priority is set correctly the way you show using
      mtl/boston patch
      coast-to-coast 1.6

      error is showing as this in my log:
      Missing sign template definition sign_templ.ales31

  16. All I see is “ad new” ad ad ad ad ad….. the map is buggy as #### and its super boring to drive around.. the scenery is super boring its always the same.

    1. Nascar_Perry

      Why not be more constructive with your criticism? At least this guys is trying for crying out loud. What more do you people expect from modders like us who are doing it for free in our own time. We take a lot of time we could be using doing other things in our spare times away from work. Why not just appreciate what effort modders do actually put into these mods. If you think it’s buggy as ####, why not just say “Hey, it’s very buggy, I feel the scenery could use more work, but thank you for the work you’ve done so far.”

  17. Hi.

    Great job. I use it with MHA + Mexiusacan + US 50 and work ok :)
    I found some red textures on tripe to east coast
    red field ; [16/04/2016 17:41] (sec-0007+0005);-27519.2;19.6587;21609.1

    I have any question – can u add zoom fix ??
    I can`t see completes map with planed road and don`t can remove maps in Job Market.


  18. So far, I’m not too impressed. All it seems to be from my experience is long stretches of highway with some parts going through completely untextured areas (right at the CA OR border and a few miles beyond) into an area where brush is literally growing over into the highway and then long stretches of bushes/trees where there shouldn’t be any at all. In addition, the gas stations are very few and far inbetween, seemed placed so that trucks with small gas tanks can barely make it from station to station. I almost had a heart attack watching my gas needle dwindle and then coast into a gas station on fumes. I’m also glad that I turned off exhaustion as there is no where to pull over and sleep. I’m doing a $100k job but wondering if this is all worth it. I’ll probably uninstall the mod after the delivery. Its a nice effort, but boring as hell and not any where close to actual scenery/towns.

  19. Adrian G.

    Crashing on the route between L.A. and La Paz (MX).

    Otherwise great map.

  20. Patrick (France)



    You make a big job, but I think it would be better to work on maps or additions smaller tracts or smaller but also more detailed and lifelike . The journeys and deliveries will be much less monotonous and more attractive.
    Thank you for your courage .

    Patrick .

  21. you re right… and between Flagstaff and Albuquerque on I-40 the groud texture is red, or it should the de blood desert loll… keep going good work guys

  22. So huge progress since version 1.3 to 1.4. Long distance meditative roads… In the opposite to Patrick (France) post I’m glad you are making a big map. It allows to travel so far.

    It is working for me with all other big maps. No crashes at all.

    I just copypaste Paul’s post here. I made mods combination exactly how he said and it’s perfectly working.

    Reporting back.
    I now have MHAPro map ATS 1.3/Coast_to_Coast_v1.6.02/mexuscan_1.3 working. It did crash upon exiting the game once, right after install but went back in many times and exited and all seems fine now. Here is the list of all my mods in there loading order and in Workshop . I hope this helps all.

    mexuscan_1.3 (1.4 works as well, I tested)
    boston connection patch
    SWMFATS_012bfix (weather mod)
    Open truck window – ATS
    Sound Fixes Pack – v14.1 ATS
    MHAPro map ATS 1.3. Part 1
    MHAPro map ATS 1.3. Part 2
    MHAPro map ATS 1.3. Part 3
    MHAPro map ATS 1.3. Part 4
    MHAPro map ATS 1.3. Part 5
    All Jazzycat Mods
    [ATS-MOD] Real gas stations v1.0

  23. I can’t even load 1.4, (or 1.3) I get the error message the a mod might be bad. I revert back to 1.2 and it loads and plays fine. I did revert back to ver 1.1 of the game until most of the mods I have catch up and get updated, I have a number of friends that did that same thing, we did the MP mod but with only 2 states we’re having a lot more fun with all the great mods. Bottom line, version 1.3 and 1.4 will not load when enabled. Hopefully this can be fixed, I like the Mexuscan mod but have to stay with ver 1.2 for now.

  24. I’m experiencing a crash on I-5, just before the tunnels north of LA. I have also experienced crashing just east of Bakersfield while enroute to Las Vegas. I have the map mods (with the exception of a UI mod that highlights all sections of the map covered by both C2C and this mod) at the top, and in the order they are supposed to be.

    I’m not sure why I’m crashing on map sections from the default game that have not been edited by the mods, but this did not happen prior to installing them.

    1. Same crash on SR99. I cannot get to Los Angeles

  25. this map is ridiculous
    nothing but the nothing

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