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Mexuscan v 1.2

Date 2016-04-11 17:13


Version 1.2:
– Speed limit changed
– Add country alberta, montana
– Add city calgary, edmonton
– Fix bugs

Author: ManiaX


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14 Responses to Mexuscan v 1.2

  1. michael

    beautiful map..job well done

  2. Russian beast

    Should I start a new game?

  3. Julm4th

    Hey ManiaX, nice map, but it would be cool it you can “highlight” only your added countries (Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, Montana, Idaho, Baja California and Baja California Sul) on the world map, because it’s actually conflicting with C2C’s added countries.

  4. Patrick


    C’est bien d’agrandir votre map mais je pense que le mieux est de perfectionner et d’améliorer ce que vous avez déjà créé en augmentant les détails.
    Merci beaucoup de votre sérieux dans ce que vous faites.

    Patrick (France)

  5. Ways71

    Traffic light on I-5 In Seattle? Can you fix that please? Traffic lights dont belong on interstate freeways obviously

  6. Nice map but Edmonton is a Las Vegas’s copy…….

  7. Kibed

    on last map and this version, have been getting game crashes when opening frieght market, anyone know the conflict?

  8. Delta

    Is it just my game or are the new cities not connected to the map

  9. Bill

    Great maps. I love Seattle and Kamloops, but beyond that… I get this > https://youtu.be/E1sEMREmYAU

  10. Bill

    Strangely I just had a comment removed. I too have been getting some strange glitches.

  11. Patrick (France)


    Du beau travail surtout à l’approche des villes, mais entre-temps on “s’endort” facilement par manque de détails et d’attrait du paysage.Même chose pour les autres maps comme Coast to Coast c’est vraiment dommage, l’ Arizona se ferait beaucoup moins attendre.Je me répète un peu mais quand même merci beaucoup de votre travail.

  12. Patrick (France)

    Avec traducteur Français-English:

    Good evening,

    Nice work especially in cities approach , but in the meantime it ” falls asleep ” easily by lack of detail and the thing paysage.Même attraction to other maps such as Coast to Coast is a shame , the Arizona would be far less attendre.Je repeating myself a bit but still thank you for your work.

  13. Jaws009


    going to princes george the gravel is red on the side of the road and when i get close to there the sign that go to princes george it crash the game plz fix it but over all it is good map

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