18 thoughts on “Mexuscan v 1.1

  1. truckersim101

    This map is now wonderful!
    Please add Calgary and Edmonton to drive longuer in canada.For scenery just make a highway with trees on the side.

    You should eventually hide the edge of the map.

    1. kaleb33497

      thats not good scenery it should be alot of farm land mountians and some trees

  2. Still not compatible with 1.2 yet?

    1. Yes it works with 1.2. Also works with c2c.

  3. Idaho isn’t a country, it’s a state

  4. I went to Baja Cali, it looks good.
    I’ll try north next.

  5. For which version of the game ? 1.1.x.x or 1.2 ?

  6. Wonderful map! Please, the Oregon and Washington state speed limit in highways is 70 mph and in British Columbia province is 120 kph (75 mph).

    1. Up here in BC its 110 south of the little town 100 mile house, going north from there they are in the process of upgrading from 100 to 110.

      Source: I’m local to the area and go through there atleast once a week

  7. Wonderful map! Please, the Oregon and Washington state speed limit in highways is 70 mph and in British Columbia province is 120 kph (75 mph).
    In Oregon state, you can add the follwing cities: Medford, Roseburg, Eugene, Salem.
    In Washington state, Castle Rock, Centralia, Olympia, Everett, and Bellingham.

    1. Not for trucks in Oregon. The speed limit was raised to 65 mph for trucks on some highways in Oregon this year but not Interstate 5 so far.

    2. kaleb33497

      ITS NOT KPH ###### ITS KHM ######

  8. a mi no me carga me da error…. alguien conoce algun lugar donde bajar la vercion 1.2 q no sea desde steam

  9. Bonsoir,

    Je n’ai pas testé toute la map, quelques trucs à améliorer si possible (sauf erreur):
    -Mettre panneaux de limite d’Etats
    -Comètes fixes (petit bug à corriger )
    -Mettre quelques animaux après les triangles indicateurs de gibier ( aucun animal sauvage dans le jeu ATS) même fixes ce serait bien !
    Sinon c’est du beau boulot, merci d’agrémenter ce jeu.

    Patrick (France).

  10. Blackspots

    I’ve found that for this to be compatible with any other map, you have to have it first in the mods list.

  11. Blackspots

    Suggestion is to add a road from Boise to Jackpot as well.

  12. alexcyrh22

    reel awesome map, hope all north state, the all entier canada with nunavut north west territories yukon and alaska(U.S) and some road in the province of Quebec will come soon!!! :D

  13. Blackspots

    To get this to work with MHA Pro 1.3 and C2C 1.6.02, DON’T use the MHAPro&C2C Compatibility patch. I kept falling through the map at the weigh station south of Huron, CA with it added.

    I have the mods in the following order:
    mexuscan v1.1
    CoastToCoast v1.6.02
    US50&CA99 Road Extension 1.2
    MHAPro Map 1.3, parts 1-5

    DO NOT use the Peru map, as its elements overwrite those of the main map.

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