16 thoughts on “Mexuscan 1.3

  1. Can you fix up the loading order? Whenever I put this map with C2C in the order you told us, the map background for c2c looks messed up..

    1. Blackspots

      This is my load order:
      mexusca v1.3
      Coast to Coast v1.6.02
      US50 and CA99 extension v1.2
      I-Fix Reno 80
      MHAPro v1.3 part 1
      MHAPro v1.3 part 2
      MHAPro v1.3 part 3
      MHAPro v1.3 part 4
      MHAPro v1.3 part 5
      all other mods, your discretion.

      1. When I zoom over the C2C added areas on the World Map, the map background fricks up again. But then I zoom out and it looks good…This map really needs a compatibility fix.

        1. The I-80 Fix and the US 50 Extension dont show up in this load order either…

          1. ShirBlackspots

            It works fine for me. I’ve driven over the Reno I-80 interchange a few times. I’m not worried about the map background, that isn’t as important as the actual roads.

  2. Damage 0? Why? So childish.

  3. hannibaljazz

    game crash when loading i have 1.1.3x and the map i am using is c2c 1.5 your other maps dose work but not this one why is that

  4. I will try again tomorrow and let you know how I got on ;) Cheers for the very fast update :)

  5. I dont know is it only for my but it crashes when i drive in my case from Indianapolis to LA,it crashes on the road between Albuquerque and the first gas station towards California :/

  6. i try this map it does not work it crash on loading screen the map i have is (mexusca v1.2 and C2Cv1.5) it works great for this

    1. C2C 1.5 is incompatible with ATS v.1.2, duhhhhhhhh. Upgrade your C2C to 1.6,.

  7. Just so you know, it’s actually Prince Rupert.

    1. deokastyler

      I have changed it into Prince Rupert :D in the def file

  8. quicksilver

    where is the capital of oregon salem?

  9. LeRoadRuner

    Congratulations for your very good work Maniax,
    for me everything works well,
    I installed v1.3 Mexuscan high priority then Coast to Coast v1.6, my only problem presently is to go to Prince Rupert, the barriers are not removed, am I the only one who has this happen? Maniax is it possible to remove them pls, thank you
    the RoadRuner

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