Area 51 Map v 1.9.5

Date 2016-04-08 15:43

Area-51-Map-1 Area-51-Map-2 Area-51-Map-3

Version 1.9.5:
* Walls removed invisible
* Company Mercury corrected
* Roads corrected
* New underground downstairs now
* Secret locations
* Added new models
* Area 51 (superior) more detailed
* Removed floating objects
* Removed shadows and rain in the basement (can aver some points that appear shade depending on the schedule)
* Other small details added

Author: Draco_br


8 Responses to Area 51 Map v 1.9.5

  1. Is it compatbile with Coast to Coast map from Mantrid ? Thanks.

  2. Mike

    tried to make it work with C2C, but there is too many changes made in those sectors overlapping each other

  3. bonjour compatible avec mha

  4. Draco_br

    c2c is not compatible because the author modify the outputs of the original SCS map leaving unleveled I will contact the author to be able to leave both compatible
    by Draco_br

  5. MAN EURO6 driver :(

    great little map this, well done. how ever i do hope you can make it compatible with MHA map as im a big fan of that map mod also and would be awesome to use both at the same time but thanks for sharing and keep up the good work

  6. Draco_br

    Thank you glad you liked the map
    MHA map will soon be compatible C2C is already

  7. pe9te9r

    game crash all the time, by using this mod

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