Area 51 Map v 1.9.5

Area-51-Map-1 Area-51-Map-2 Area-51-Map-3

Version 1.9.5:
* Walls removed invisible
* Company Mercury corrected
* Roads corrected
* New underground downstairs now
* Secret locations
* Added new models
* Area 51 (superior) more detailed
* Removed floating objects
* Removed shadows and rain in the basement (can aver some points that appear shade depending on the schedule)
* Other small details added

Author: Draco_br


10 thoughts on “Area 51 Map v 1.9.5

  1. Is it compatbile with Coast to Coast map from Mantrid ? Thanks.

  2. tried to make it work with C2C, but there is too many changes made in those sectors overlapping each other

  3. bonjour compatible avec mha

  4. c2c is not compatible because the author modify the outputs of the original SCS map leaving unleveled I will contact the author to be able to leave both compatible
    by Draco_br

  5. MAN EURO6 driver :(

    great little map this, well done. how ever i do hope you can make it compatible with MHA map as im a big fan of that map mod also and would be awesome to use both at the same time but thanks for sharing and keep up the good work

  6. Area 51 and Cost to cost 100% compatible

  7. Thank you glad you liked the map
    MHA map will soon be compatible C2C is already

  8. game crash all the time, by using this mod

  9. IBims1Mark

    Hello!! Can you please Update the Map for ATS 1.34 Version? :D thank you!

  10. Christian

    can you update the map for verision 1.37

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