Mexuscan v 0.5

Mexuscan-2 Mexuscan-1

Playable without further map mod
Compatible with coast to coast (MHAPro-C2C_Patch.scs require)

1.MHAPro compatibility patch
3.coast to coast

Not testing with MHAPro

Version 0.5:
* Add prince george (rework next release)
* Fix error
* Rework vancouver
* Add kamloops

Author: ManiaX


10 thoughts on “Mexuscan v 0.5

  1. still having invisble walls, and am having difficulty finding the compatability patch, could you plz repost and ty for your work

  2. Bonsoir,

    V 0.4 ou V 0.5
    L’une classée dans “maps ” , l’autre dans “others” ? pourquoi ?
    Pas grave. Mais “Where to download MHAPro compatibility patch?”
    Oui, je me pose aussi la même question.
    Cette map est bien sûr une bonne idée mais comme les autres je ne la trouve pas assez “finie”: manque de décors,peu d’attrait à part faire des kms .Quelques “collés” de la partie désertique d’origine pourraient améliorer son rendu.Félicitations quand même aux travaux accomplis car ce n’est pas évident de créer ou modifier des Maps et merci d’améliorer notre quotidien (les dlc se font attendre…)

    Patrick (France)

  3. C’est pas moi qui décide de la catégorie du mod c’est un modérateur….

    Pour le patch:
    DOWNLOAD 8.9 MB (Compatibility patch)

  4. I’m assuming this is still not compatible with MHA Pro Map Mod v1.3, because it causes the roads and the state map below does not align.

  5. Bonsoir,

    Ok Maniax.
    Bon courage et merci de vos travaux.

    Patrick (France).

  6. Stephen Butler

    Much as I would like to appreciate the work that has doubtlessly gone into this, I cannot, because I hit an invisible wall north of Hornbrook on the I5, presumably where the new section of the map is supposed to start. I hope you are able to fix this soon so that I may value the amount of effort you have put in.

    1. I doubt it. I gave the modder the same information and more, so if you’re still hitting the invisible wall, then obviously he doesn’t read the comments. (workaround) Go up the slip road to the right, follow to ‘on ramp’….. repeat reverse on way back ;)

      1. Stephen Butler

        Thank you so much, Bill, you are very kind. I will attempt this workaround the next time I open the game. I appreciate it. Cheers!

  7. As a resident of PG, I had to give this a try. I must say it was kind of cool making the drive up. There are quite a few invisible walls though as mentioned. The one in Hornbrook and one outside the fuel station in Vancouver. The highway interchange outside Kamloops doesn’t allow you to head to PG coming from the south and you can’t get to Kamloops from PG without making a u-turn on the highway due to visible barriers.
    There is also an elevation issue with the 42 Print location in Kamloops. It’s much too high and impossible to enter yard.
    I look forward to further updates.

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