Coast to Coast Fix Pack For v1.6


– Try this fix for the issues in Atlanta
– For those who use Heavy Alex’s MHAPro map v1.2, try this compatibility patch (updated for C2C v1.6).

Tested 1.2 Game Version


DOWNLOAD 8.9 MB (Compatibility patch)

15 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Fix Pack For v1.6

  1. Thank you !!

  2. kiitos !!

  3. Tyree Jamaul Simmons

    I tried the patch and still get invisible walls in Atlanta i didn’t try the falling through bridge entering expressway in Atlanta yet i wish you could see my live stream in steam to know exactly what’s going on and that crooked I-95 is still there under Raleigh

  4. It is good map I admit but in terms of natural landscapes or geographical relief the rather monotonous I think that I am not the only one who thinks that think to add a little more than trees, forests, mountains, or things would make it a great map to the level of the eurotruck simulator 2

  5. can you make some other roads now instead of so many highways

  6. some more mountain roads maybe. i know its a work in progress so no worries

  7. Great mod but please fix the zoom

  8. Unfortunately, Hawaii still can not go through something even still not good for v1.5 was good

  9. still get invisible walls in Atlanta i

  10. still get invisible walls in Atlanta
    I have tried everything
    mod folder at the top of list
    folder at the bottom of list
    beautiful map thanks

  11. even with the fix, there is a wall
    e wall at the reperatie gerage
    at the traffic lights junction

    1. it could be a differant mod thats causing the problem too there some mods maybe out of date ones can cause other mods to break run up to date ones cuz i do and i dont get invisible walls i tested my self and found no walls in atlanta

  12. Works well, thanks a lot

  13. how to install this patch

  14. Don’t use this patch (it doesn’t work). There is a replacement.

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