Dashboard Computer for Volvo VNL 670 by Aradeth

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Dashboard computer for Volvo VNL 670 by Aradeth
I had no time to make this dashboard better for Aradeth at first time.

Author: Piva

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19 thoughts on “Dashboard Computer for Volvo VNL 670 by Aradeth

  1. Aradeth does it again. Top modding makes this game perfect. I love Aradeth’s mods.

    1. you do realize its the volvo by aradeth but this mod is made by Piva right ? :P hehe ;)

      1. Sorry Piva…… Great mod. This just adds another speck of realism to my very big collection of mods. Without modders, this game would be just ‘so so’

        Cheers Ethanyl for the correction :)

  2. Is there anything in particular that we need to do to get this to work?

  3. Nevermind! I found that you have to place it before the truck in the mod manager.

  4. Not seeing much meaningful change. A shame dashcomps are so primitive in ets/ats

    1. Let’s to say this word for Volvo trucks. This dashboard get from official Volo site :)

    2. Nascar_Perry

      I agree with Piva. Some trucks have complex and interactive dash computers or D.I.D. The Volvo has stuck with what seems like a very primitive looking one, but is surprisingly jam packed.

      I am driving the VNL630 in real life, bit smaller then the 670, but the Dash Information Display Piva has made here is very realistically similar to the Volvo’s actual system like in my truck. Maybe soon Volvo will release a D.I.D. with a brighter colour display, but not as of yet.

      Only one thing missing which Aradeth and Piva would most likely not be able to incorporate is the Volvo’s system test menus on the D.I.D. for use during Pre Inspections. Those are neat time savers for Volvo drivers

      1. Test menu – it for truck author to make animation for all gauges.
        Thank you for support.

  5. Piva’s mod may not add much functionality to some people, but it sure looks better than the big-letter FH-derived thingy offered by SCS and ported into the VNL in lack of better alternatives.

    The more realistic lettering size might come a litle confusing at first, but after some cruising, I’ve decided it’s a definite keeper.

    1. When SCS is out Volvo VNL, we can to see what SCS make for.

      1. Judging from what I’ve seen in vanilla ATS and ETS2, SCS will produce a nice outer model with a slightly worse interior, and total #### on functionality. If we’re lucky, we get all the control lights. If at all.

  6. Nascar_Perry

    Hey Piva, it looks amazing, trying this in my game though doesn’t display. I have it higher priority then Aradeth’s V.1.3 (1.4 isn’t working for me right now).

    But in game the Display is fully black, no display. Am I missing something or a setting?

    Game is (1.2 beta is giving me issues)

    1. I can’t test it on 1.1 just 1.2. dashboard computer is for 1.2 ONLY

      1. Hey do you have any plans to update this dash to v1.6? That would be superb.

  7. Nascar_Perry

    Ah, ok. That would make sense. Unfortunately I will not be able to use it for now, at least until I can figure out something to make 1.2 work

    1. Nascar_Perry

      So I managed to update to 1.2 but for some reason it is still coming up as blacked out completely. I am using Steam on a Mackbook Pro. Aradeth’s V1.4 VNL also crashes the game so I am wondering if there is something related to either setm or mac, but these two mods won’t work for me.

    2. Nascar_Perry

      Steam, not setm

    3. Aradeth’s VNL doesn’t work well or at all in OpenGL mode. Maybe that’s the problem?

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