Mexuscan v.0.4


Playable without further map mod

Compatible with coast to coast (MHAPro-C2C_Patch.scs require)
1. MHAPro compatibility patch
2. mexuscan
3. coast to coast

not testing with MHAPro

Release Note:

rework oregon road
add mexico border
fix error
new background for world map
add country



21 thoughts on “Mexuscan v.0.4

  1. Hello maniaX last time i tried to do a job in your map the game crashed in stable version. Hope this map works.

  2. Well on my map i have sections of the road missing it might be my eyes :P ….but keep on modding the map as im looking forward to the finished product :)

  3. Freddy Jimmink

    Hi looks very nice but the crashes in game still remain, when i take a job and drive but i will stop the game, game crashes!

  4. deokastyler

    Hi there, I can help you out with some bugs:

    1.At the new Mexican border you drive into an invinsible wall.
    2.In San Ignatico there are many barriers in the mid of the Highway.
    3.The game crashes in San Ignatico when you press enter for a job at S Crops.
    4.It looks like you can’t do any jobs for the modded areas.For example you can’t drive from San Igatico to La Paz.

    Hope you fix it and good luck for Kamloops and Prince George in Canada.

    1. deokastyler

      5.At the gas station in San Luis you can’t drive over the road and change the direction you hit an invisible wall. ;)

      1. 1.were exactly ? im can’t found :( take a sreenshot (F10) plz next release
        3.don’t crash for me, check later
        4.ok check it for next release next release

        thx for your help

  5. A lot of invisible walls in areas but seems good

  6. truckersim101

    Can you add more cities in canada?

    1. He will add Kamloops and Prince George to Canada

      1. truckersim101

        He could also add victoria and also cities in Alberta

  7. truckersim101

    I think in mexico you should add more Spanish signs like stop means ALTO in Spanish and also add a welcome to Canada when you go to canada and add Welcome to mexico sign
    [Bienvenido a Mexico]

    For scenery just add more trees, powerlines, more cities in mexico and canada,rivers and more

  8. Where to download MHAPro compatibility patch?

  9. im hitting an invisible wall at cali-ore border, enjoy the adds, cant wait to drive them. TY for your work

  10. is Vancouver BC also desert?

  11. Mod isn’t particularly compatible with MHAPro & Coast To Coast. The gas stations between San Diego and San Luis have this weird road setup that blocks anything and you can’t navigate past them. Same goes with the one between Hornbook and Portland.

  12. Pierre Payette

    @ManiaX I read in other place you are from Québec, me I’mfrom Montréal and working in map to. How are we able to communicate french or english

    1. Oui c exact, en français serais bien :)

      1. truckersim101

        Are you going to add a long road to quebec city in your map?
        Also when I was going to prince george there was a gate/wall

        1. I do not know. I would love is my city

          I’ll check with Mantrid, because I do not want to go in conflict with C2C map.

          from v.0.5, no other version released before 1.0

          I want to complete what I have done before create new road.

          thank you for sharing your mistake, me meet this enables faster progress

  13. Bonsoir,
    “Where to download MHAPro compatibility patch?”
    Oui, je me pose aussi la même question.
    Cette map est (encore ) une bonne idée mais comme les autres je ne la trouve pas assez “finie”: manque de décors,peu d’attrait à part faire des kms .Quelques “collés” de la partie désertique pourraient améliorer son rendu.Félicitations quand même aux travaux accomplis car ce n’est pas évident de créer ou modifier des Maps.

    Patrick (France)

  14. hate the ats map scale.. its annoying.. you get to vancouver so fast and easy.. nothing much relaxing or feel like trucking..

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