Coast to Coast v1.6.02


Map tested on version 1.2!
The road map added to change!
In other versions not tested!
Card is compatible with the cards:
MHAPro map ATS 1.2.

Author: Mantrid, change voldemar56


32 thoughts on “Coast to Coast v1.6.02

  1. Does not work for me as im not using 1.2 beta :) and the game wont start,so im sticking with previous version for the time being which works great ..thanks for your hard work man as well!

    1. Remove traffic mods,
      Trucks, Cars, Police mods for traffic,
      It should work if on 1.2 beta.

      1. Me too man… :(

      2. hey do u know if the terrain changes over time as you go east or is it desert all the way to boston

    2. not work nob fix

  2. This is not Mantrid’s official update for Coast to Coast.
    This is a modified map based on Mantrid’s.

    1. Mantrid….we need you man :)

  3. mickeyd33

    @voldemar56: i absolutely love your work, but please release your updates with mantrid or do not use the same release name as mantrid, it is confusing for us.
    keep up the hard work, we absolutely love what you all are doing!

  4. I agree with mickeyd33, it confuses people. Why don’t you call it “USA Combined”

    1. Probably a dumb question but how you guys are doing to see the whole map ?
      Wanted to purchase a garage in Atlanta but when I open the world map, I see nothing farest than El Paso. So cannot buy trucks and assign them on my Atlanta garage. Does someone can explain me how to do to see whole map ? Thanks for the helping hand.

  5. Now what’s the difference between this one

  6. Did y’all put a garage in New Orleans

  7. Do you need to make a new profile

  8. how can i get thing map i have coast to coast 1.5 and the mex0.4

  9. this wont load im use base game still wont load?

  10. I keep falling though Las Vegas everytime I’ve drive to that city, has anyone ease had this happen to them?

  11. At the road to Raleigh from I-40, there’s some misaligned fences and power lines, then as you enter Raleigh, there’s a barrier on the road, but you can drive around it.

  12. hello i have a question you doing maps for ats I wanted to ask how and whether it will do the trick make a copy of the entire city with buildings przepuśmy wanted me to copy the las vegas and add it Decimal else how to do it please help because I wanted to also make the map

  13. i´v updated the game but it still keeps crashing when i gonna select cargo
    Any one else having this probl.
    Please share!

    1. Countrygaming

      I suggest you check your mod folder for mods that haven’t been updated to the 1.2 version they won’t work if they are out of date.

  14. this could be a real good map but a few things why are all the cites just cites already in the game like el paso texas is jackpot Nevada and so on

  15. SwiftTrans

    the freaking game doesnt even load problem with loading game so i cant use this with previous save game

  16. Hey,

    This map is really good but all the traffic has been removed!

    So please fixe this bug in the next update! :)

    Game Version: 1.2

  17. I appreciate the hard work put into the map. However, I was headed out of Bakersfield en route to Pennsylvania. As I went out over the section of “roller coaster” hills outside of town, my game froze and crashed. My game updated today, for I have the Steam version. I tried again, heading south instead, only to encounter the same issue. Any suggestions? I am using this version on which I am commenting. Thanks, keep up the good work.

    1. Cosreski aka DelMarValous.

      The first two links are in Telehasee Florida and there is no ground 1.6.2

  18. how can I view the whole map on the map screen it wont let me go over to the side of the map where new York is???

  19. When used with Mexuscan 1.4 and the patch everything works fine but on the higway between Flagstaff and Albuquerque there are missing textures everthing is red. The probleem seems to be the combination with Mexuscan1.4 and c2C when I remove Mexuscan 1.4 everything fine.
    Can you please check and test and correct.

  20. And by the way you are the best great map keep on improving love driving it.

  21. Catharina

    Do you have a link for part 1 to part 5?

  22. old skool trucker

    It would be awesome to be able to drive over mountains where there should be like in new Mexico Colorado Tennessee ect. Love the map though it’s nice to be able to get out of cali and Nevada

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