10 thoughts on “Mexuscan v 1.0.1

  1. truckersim101

    I love the map but please add more gas stations on the highway because I almost ran out of fuel when I was going to prince george. Add road signs on the highway and welcome to states signs.

  2. truckersim101

    Also seattle should be way bigger

  3. Female Trucker

    Please make compatible with MHA Pro.

  4. For me, your map is compatible with MHAPro v.1.2 (and not only with MHAPro).
    Here’s the order:

    1. Compatibility Patch for MHAPro (v.1.2)
    2. mexuscan v.1.0.1
    3. US50 & I99 extension
    4. US93_RR_Crossings_V1.0
    5. Map DLC Peru V.1.1
    6. 02-MarioMap
    7. MHAPro ATS 1.2 Part 5 (4,3,2,1)
    8. Atlanta (this is a small updgrade for Atlanta by jayinatlanta. Haven’t test it yet)
    9. Patch_for_C2C
    10. Coast to Coast v.1.6

    Am i missing something here?

    1. Blackspots

      I found that it has to be before the MHA Pro compatibility patch for it to work, and be aligned with the state lines.

  5. Paul Baxter

    CAN U PLEASE TELL ME WERE IS IT THAT I CAN GET THE Compatibility Patch for MHAPro (v.1.2) Thanks very much

    1. There you go :

      (works in version of the game too)

    2. Or try this (i don’t remember witch of these two is the correct patch, sorry):

      1. Obviously, it’s the first one, just to correct you.

        1. My bad the second one. The second one says MHAPro, the first one doesn’t. Nor did Mantrid say in the description of the first one that it’s a MHAPro pacth.

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