Mexuscan renamed CanaDream v 2.0

Coast 2 Coast BETA minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

1-CanaDream 2.0
2-VivaMexico 2.1.1
3-Coast 2 Coast Patch 3
4-Coast 2 Coast BETA

* Mexuscan renamed CanaDream
* compatible ATS 1.5 rescale
* remove winter climate
* add highway road sign by BEARlyThereCDN
* background world map by BEARlyThereCDN
* alaska,yukon,northwest territory part temporarily removed

Official link:



17 thoughts on “Mexuscan renamed CanaDream v 2.0

  1. ok i just tried to download this map to be told unsafe download by smart filter so not able to download

  2. Ken Macelmon

    there is nothing wrong with the download Ive used it already with no problems,

  3. ETS2 in Canada

  4. well I have tried 4 times now to download this map it is not sharemods it comes up with canadream that is unsafe so I do not know what to do best leave it


    Hi ManiaX, does the patch come with the download cause I can’t find the patch on ATSlt. I’m asking this because I can’t download it now cause my internet is too slow. For those who want to know just right click where it says unsafe file and then click on download anyway, it tells me the same thing, smart filter does this from time to time but I’m sure the file is safe to download, I’ve done it many times with no problem, but if your scared to do it then don’t. Thanks ManiaX and other moders if it’s the case for making this compatible with VivaMexico.

  6. Alexandre Lebrun

    game crash viva mexico 2.1 not compatible ..

    1. lol duh, its a map mod. very unlikely two map mods are going to work together

    2. Mod requires Viva Mexico 2.1.1, not 2.1. Make sure you have the correct files required.

  7. I would give this a 3 out of 5. No gas or rest stops out side of cities. make sure you fill up and rest in every city.

    1. frans phil

      That is quite realistic for Canada

  8. the map keep crashing and I did follow the way to put it.

  9. de Freitas James

    Good evening
    Damage you make cards that are not finished deciding that highways
    You should make smaller but better finished
    thank you

  10. scania_dragon

    how long the distances out of the standard and dlc map ? 2000 miles or more ? Or how ?

  11. Watch out fellow truckers!!! There is a problem with Highway 16 between Saskatoon and Edmonton close to Edmonton right at the exit to nowhere the roads don’t line up and it causes a major glitch. Slow right down and maybe try to drive off road because cars randomly spawn and cause major damage when they hit you. Love this map I hope we get more cities in Canada maybe get some ice roads like the road that connects Fort McMurray to La Loche in northern Saskatchewan.

  12. Welcome State signs missing. example. Arizona / New Mexico state line. Welcome sign missing.

  13. need fuel stops in canada

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