Coast to Coast [1.5.x] [upd:24.12.16] Rescala


Map “Coast to Coast”
In the fashion presented a new map “from coast to coast.” The map is the first work of the author and attempt to route cables to the east coast. Map is currently under development and will be expanded and supplemented. The map is dominated mainly desert vegetation, but there are good roads and highways.

Updates 24/12/16
Beta version – errors are possible.
Archival fix (something which fix) C2C_Beta_Patch_1.0.scs – put the card after the

Test version 1.5.3



35 thoughts on “Coast to Coast [1.5.x] [upd:24.12.16] Rescala

  1. Vey Good

  2. Spotted Hyena


  3. It’s a Christmas miracle! Finally Coast to Coast! :D

  4. there+is+an+invisible+wall+outside+of+kayenta+and+page

    1. kayenta and page is arizona, not C2C!

  5. Láthatatlan fal Kayentától északra a benzinkút után!!

  6. What’s up with all of these fake releases of C2C?

    Anyway, for anyone having problems in Kayenta and such, you can find the patch for the problem AND THE ORIGINAL VERSION OF THE MAP, NOT A COPIED ONE, here –

    1. Eredetit töltöttem le és ott a fal Kayentánál!

    2. Patch
      Viva Mexico

  7. does not work with mexico map

    1. to use this map with coast to coast you have to :
      1 – Open the mod/map VivaMéxico
      2 – Open the folder Def
      3 – Open the folder World
      4 – Del file road_look.sii
      5 – Close
      In the mods manager put the maps / mod in the following order:
      1 – Viva Mexico
      2 – Coast-to-Coast Beta

      1. Nem működik!!

        1. Wim Frencken

          speak and write English

      2. Butaságot írtam, működik!!

  8. for some reason my licence plates are just blocks anyone know how i can fix this

  9. Is there any way to restore the default delivery payouts? With this mod, I get around 22$ per mile, no matter how far I go, or what skills I’ve possesed. Currently, I’m doing deliveries for like 50-60$/mile so it’s quite a drop.

  10. Wim Frencken

    f…ck , please stop with developing, you are NUTS

  11. Wim Frencken

    this scs c2c is very bad , I am using now Mario map , very good
    developers of c2c are suckers, amateurs, go away, get out of my face, disappear, vanish, so we don’t have trouble again

    1. i heard mario maps don’t even work besides Mario map isn’t even for 1.5 yet plus can’t even get them to work right if the first place and he doesn’t do a good job

  12. Fantastic map if you like absolutely no detail between cities.
    It’s like a test of mental stamina… See how long it’ll take to break you.
    If you last an hour you are doin’ good! Me i’m weak as #### and only lasted 20mins before deleting this rather challenging map. Good luck!

  13. Welcome signs are missing at some state lines. example, Arizona/New Mexico I-40, New Mexico/Colorado I-25, Colorado/Utah I-70

  14. North+out+of+Kayenta+to+Moad+has+invisable+wall

  15. Leaving south out of Raleigh on the way to 95, the overhead sign is off set and the pole is in the road

  16. Дмитрий

    From El Paso to the top of the map,the highway is sloped in a funnel with an angle of 90 degrees! To overcome possible!!!

  17. Just wondering if someone can help me. the map is all messed up. I cant go to places cause they are spread out across the map with no roads attached to them?

  18. metalhead


  19. I would give the 3 out of 5, Not very many gas and rest stops on roads.

  20. I wish it wouldn’t take 2 #### hours to download… It’s only 151mb, I even signed up for sharemods hoping that it would download faster. I wish people would upload mods to the Google Drive… Other than that I love it!
    Still downloading it though…

  21. I+found+2+bugs+so+far+#+1+Interstate+10+2+miles+south+of+I+20+in+Mississippi+the+road+is+not+connected+properly+/+and+#2+South+Bound+lane+out+of+St,Lewis+The+Exchange+Information+sign+is+setting+in+the+left+lane++and+yes+it+is+a+non+scenic+drive+between

  22. Mr. Tannill

    F*cking huge going down hill and next going up near Albuquerque =) My truck can’t handle that and I have to call evaq :c

  23. Hi :-)
    it is possible to put something more into between the States as in standard map? There is much to run without something to watch !!

  24. cristiannarcis79


  25. cristiannarcis79

    This map and also C2C are very poor maps and very empty, cities look good, but when we talk about the roads that unite the cities, they are too empty, poor, without rivers, without bridges, without rocks, without agriculture, without Parking spaces. Someone who speaks with these creators who must improve these roads, are too poor and empty between cities :(

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