Coast to Coast Map Re-scale Beta Patch 4

A small patch to fix the problems identified so far, give it a higher priority in the Mod Manager.
4 Patch is a patch that is replacing the previous you only need to patch 4.



18 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Map Re-scale Beta Patch 4

  1. It is necessary to scale the same as at the default map 1.20

    1. It’s a standalone map, so it doesn’t have to match anything.

      1. Wrong, this isn’t a standalone map. A standalone map would require a new profile + a whole different module setting.

  2. Freddy Jimmink

    Nice map only it lags a bit, maybe You can try to do something about that?

    You can contact me on facebook by my name for support.

  3. Anyone get a game crash when this version 4 is installed?

  4. Something needs to be addressed here? I install this and 1 second later game crashes anyway of fixing this?

  5. I got it now, I need the main mod, then add the patch correct?

  6. Nvm, I fixed it. False alarm lol

    1. Stephen Butler

      May I ask you what you did to fix it? It would be extremely helpful. I am having issues with version of ATS. Just to be on the safe side, I created a new profile, and put three mods in it: CanaDream 2.0.1 on the top, C2C_Beta_Patch_v4.0 in the middle and Coast to Coast v1.9.1 at the bottom. My game crashes as this profile attempts to load. I created a new profile because at the time my normal profile was crashing when I tried to open the profile, and I needed to be sure that it was the new map mods that caused it. It was. Thank you, Stephen

      1. canadream is for version 1.4 I think that’s the problem.

        1. scaniatrucker73

          I’m using CanaDream on ATS 1.5 and it works fine.

  7. Found+impossible+climb+:)

    1. why spaces in my comment replaced with plus simbol?

  8. Mantrid MHA 1.5 just came out today. Is there a way you could create a patch so you map mod will work with MHA again? Thank you!

  9. invisible+wall+on+I-95+in+Florida+just+past+the+Melbourne+exit…+please+fix.++Had+to+abandon+load+because+of+this.

    1. scaniatrucker73

      Yes I crashed into it too. Too much damage to truck and trailer to continue so had to abandon load as well and teleport to a repair station.

  10. Mantrid, are you going to do more for coast to coast love your mod hope to see more. You are doing more for the game keep it up.

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