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Mexuscan 1.7

Date 2016-04-25 10:00


Coast to Coast v1.7 is REQUIRED for playing if not fall in the ”space”

1-Mexuscan 1.7
other map mod
2-C2C 1.7
other no map mod

-compatible with C2C v1.7
-fix liscence plate
-new border state
-add more gas station on road
-add more company in city
-add repair center and garage in city
-adjust price fuel
-add niagara falls project from Rickpp

Visit http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=194&t=205149 for full details



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28 Responses to Mexuscan 1.7

  1. bonjours travail avec mha et sens de la file svp

  2. Nico


    00:00:17.487 : Missing prefab descriptor: /prefab/cross/hw3-2_x_road1.ppd
    00:00:17.487 : Missing prefab descriptor: /prefab/cross/hw3-2_x_hw3-2a.ppd
    00:00:17.487 : Missing prefab descriptor: /prefab/cross/hw3-2_x_hw2-2_t.ppd
    00:00:17.487 : Missing prefab descriptor: /prefab/fork/gasstation_fork_2lines_z.ppd
    00:00:17.487 : Missing prefab descriptor: /prefab/fork/gasstation_fork_2lines_mirror_z.ppd
    00:00:17.487 : Missing prefab descriptor: /prefab/gas/ca_gas_hgw1a_chemron_z.ppd
    00:00:17.487 : Missing prefab descriptor: /prefab/gas/ca_gas_hgw1a_z.ppd
    00:00:17.487 : Missing prefab descriptor: /prefab/gas/ca_gas_hgw1a_gp_z.ppd
    00:00:17.488 : Missing prefab descriptor: /prefab/cross/hw3-2_x_hw3-2_z.ppd
    00:00:17.724 : Map '/map/usa.mbd' loading started ....
    00:00:17.753 : Unable to find 'City' 'omaha' for 0x5CD716306B00BDF
    00:00:17.753 : Unable to find 'City' 'omaha' for 0x5EE0D2012300001
    00:00:17.759 : Unable to find 'City' 'cleveland' for 0x5CE9F3124E00C95
    00:00:17.771 : Unable to find 'City' 'boston' for 0x5F1FA1779D00001
    00:00:18.048 : [city_item] Item 0x5CD716306B00BDF references invalid city data!

  3. Lexus

    there is no longer second fix file for mexuscan to play?

  4. al

    it dos not work it crashes

  5. Wayne Ohanlon

    please add Cincinnati to Ohio :)

  6. Truckguy

    Not sure what you guys are doing. I am having zero problems and they game is not crashing. Remember you have to have C2C 1.7 to run this map mod.

  7. DigitalX

    Working fine for me here. Make SURE you have this map at the TOP of the mod list, then the Coast to Coast underneath that. I tried with the Alaska map in between and it did not work. So far this looks incredible mate. The map is huge! :) Well done.

  8. Brandon

    the service station in Calgary has a invisible wall around it, can this get fixed?

  9. Hey nice map. Yellow Knife needs work. Invisible wall at garage & repair shop. Can’t enter. Just in far a I could go at garage to buy it. But no point. Can’t use.

  10. great map…but pass salt lake city the ground is on fire on route 80…. 35 miles out going east

  11. Cockney Joe

    not working with MHA other than that, it’s awesome! what a good alternative while waiting for SCS’s official release

  12. Jd

    Lot off bugs finish before release it waste of time testing it

  13. Ace b

    hey bro yellowknife shop theres an invisible wall where u can’t enter or exit with pressing f7 u can enter but u cant exit

  14. DrDerpPlays

    suggestion, in New brunswick in the moncton area, (visible from highway) theres 2 truck dealers, a peterbilt and an international (yea i know theres no international in game yet) dealer but maybe place a volvo dealer (most international mods are found in volvo dealers, just a thought, if i knew how i’d add it in myself, but other then that, love travelling close to my home

  15. Zach

    The interchange going into Toronto from the US border has a guard rail placed in the middle of the left lane. Also, you have the Seattle Space Needle in Toronto – it should be the CN Tower which looks very different!

  16. Tristan

    Not sure if this is a Coast to Coast error or Mexuscan error so I am posting this comment on both mod comment sections. Heading west out of Cochella toward Phoenix a little after crossing the Arizona border there is an invisible wall on the right lane before the off ramp. Has anyone else gotten this or is it just me??

  17. Armor

    Hello Maniax!
    Thanks for the map update!
    Another invisible wall: entrance of Service Center in Yellowknife

  18. Fish0271

    Error at repair center, has invisible wall and garage in city Yellowknife has incorrect elevation at yellow lines before garage!

  19. Mirek

    hi great map works with ctc and mhapro, mario map and more, but i have no damage, i can go 70 mph hit the wall and nothing i am like new, can you fix this.

  20. Rodrigo B

    Very good perfect.
    What DEV did you guys did.
    1-Mexuscan 1.7
    2-C2C 1.7
    3-Peterbilt 389 Modified ATS v1.13

  21. mito

    Please add Tampa, Florida as a city. The road goes to it, but it is not labeled and there is no city.

  22. bigboy

    need to update map to work with c2c 1.7.1 now it crashes now if together

  23. Rodrigo B

    very good map but has some errors
    In San Luis town in place to repair the truck at the entrance you an invisible wall.
    Several other cities have invisible wall when delivery charge.
    In San Luis town in the site takes too long to load the scenario.

    1-Mexuscan 1.7
    2-C2C 1.7
    3-Defalt Truck volvo fh16 2012

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