Coast to Coast Map v 1.7.1


This update fixes some minor scenery issues and restores the functionality of the scales at gas stations. The are also misc scenery updates.

Author: Mantrid


58 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Map v 1.7.1

  1. Heavygamer70

    Don’t work, back to v 1.7

    1. davemc1975

      it work for me

  2. Scott Brodie

    this update crashes the game no matter where i put it in order

    1. Greengangster01

      Im having the same problem

  3. you and the guy doing the mexuscan map need to work together so both maps work together when updated just trying to suggest

    1. davemc1975

      you got be kidding they do work together get both mod working together you supid retarted

      1. not with c2c 1.7.1 it doesnt work ive already tried

      2. Why do you have to talk to people like that?

      3. Categoric3

        Why do you have to be such an #######? It’s people like you that ruin the gaming community.

  4. crash while loading, back to v 1.7,
    pls correct error or check with mexuscan map

  5. they are working together the maps and the maker of mexuscan and Coast 2 Coast

    Map is compatible with (also put it inright loadorder so you can see how to put them in modmanager)

    US50&CA99 v1.4.3,
    Mexuscan v.1.7.1,
    if you use the patch provided by Mantrid for MHA Pro v1.3.1 then also
    MHA Pro v.1.3.1 (all 5 files) and then
    Coast 2 Coast v.1.7.1

    all work together in 1 profile

    1. I have mods in this order but using coast 2 coast v. 1.7.1 games crashs but not with v. 1.7

      1. … 1.scs.html

        try redownloading it with above link i provide, it is the downloadlink from the SCS forum and fixed cause there was issue with the original one earlier today.

        ( where download also is so you can verify my information, also go back 1 page inthere so you can see the issue some of us had)

        It gave crash when you loaded it, the version got fixed by Matrid few minutes after we let him know, so you might have the “wrong” download.

        Hope this solves your crashproblem, it did for me.

      2. Try this v.1.7.1

        Also, try to follow the official thread of C2C in SCS forum, so you kepp yourself informed of the latest fixes.

      3. Go to the official thread of C2C in SCS forum on page 103 and you’ll find the fixed C2C v.1.7.1

        1. All very well guys but i got c2c 1.8 and even that only works for a short while before I lose the ability to scroll east west or much higher than the level of Oregon.
          Or south into Baja.

    2. Same here, I’ve try different setup and keeps crasching. Usually what Mantrid does always work. Am I doing something wrong?

  6. Scott Brodie

    as soon as I load in 1.7.1 the game crashes even in that order you show. I have both tried without 1.7 and with both 1.7.1 and 1.7 still crashes.The game works fine as soon as I remove 1.7.1

  7. Scott Brodie

    this still doesnt work !!!!!!!!!!!!! even in that order have tried both 1.7 and 1.7.1 together. Games works fine without 1.7.1


    waarom gaan alle kaarten nu in eens in sii betanden en niet gewoon in scs
    mijn spel lesst geen sii
    en anders leg mij uit hoe ik ze wel kan laten lezen en draaien
    graag een HELP HELP

    1. google translate has a day off so U need to write it in english

      1. mickeyd33

        pesky kids, think that the whole world is there to fix their problem.. in dutch!
        just google it dude, good luck!

    2. barclayer

      Ik begrijp nie goed wat je wil zeggen. Alles is in sii.

  9. Hi guys i was having the same problem, so you must create a new profile , then start activating your mods one by one ’till find the one who cause the crash , i know i’ts not what you want to hear , but it really works , nice map by the way , lot of gas stations and detail landscapes

  10. Always enjoyed this map, thanks so much for your efforts!

  11. works for me just fine

  12. I think that SOME OF YOU don’t want to find solution to their crash problem.
    Scroll a little bit down and LOOK at ALL comments. Maybe SOME people have SOLUTION to your problem. Don’t post ONLY your complain/crash problem/comment and close the page.
    I have posted above the CORRECT patch/update, which Mantrid posted in page 103 of his official thread in SCS official forum (as a fix for his C2C V.1.7.1 in page 102 of the same thread).
    If still crashes your game (after the CORRECT v.1.7.1), then guess what :
    Other mod(s) crashes your game.

  13. you guys need to check all of your placements

  14. Sgt Holland

    crach steeds probeer steeds iets anders uit ben weer naar 1.7 gegaan doet het weer goed ????

  15. Stavros you hit the nail on the head… you are so right…you guys have other mods in your placement which are causing your system to crash

  16. its like walking a tight rope every step has to be right..or you will fall

    1. Dude, it’s simple. If you follow Mantrid’s thread in SCS forum, you’ll get all the answers, believe me. Maybe sometimes you get confused, but if you pay attention to every post, you’ll find the way to the solution. Guys there (especially Mantrid) are very helpful and care about other people problems related to the game and the specific map.

      1. Thank you Stavros for your help. I downloaded the fixed C2C 1.7.1 and the Mexuscan 1,7.1 file put them into the mod folder in order with the C2C fix 1.7 for MHA 1.3.1 and they work perfectly.

        1. Νo prob, mate! Happy to hear that! :)
          Happy trucking!

          1. hi could you help me I did everything I ve in SCS forum and yet still not load the game.
            I’m playing in the 1.2.1 version and already tried the load

            Mexuscan v.1.7.1,
            US50 & CA99 v1.4.3
            compatility patch is MHAPro
            MHA Pro v.1.3.1 (all 5 files)
            Coast 2 Coast v.1.7.1

            and also

            US CA 50 99 v1.4.3
            Mexuscan 1.7.1
            MHAPro C2C Patch
            MHAPro 1.3.1 5-1
            C2C v1.7.1

  17. pana que broma esa costa oeste y mexucan son si,ples replicas de euro truck que pena

  18. Andre Burton

    Works for me ! Now if I can only figure out that sweetfx lol!

  19. i got this map running with c2c fix 1.7.1 mexuscan and a other add on and all without a prob,put in the wright files in the right order and the prob is solved;)
    But i only have a remark to notice, it’s that when you use mexuscan map? you can’t scroll far enough up or down ,no right to select your city if you are (lets say….Ohio,Columbus or farder away east if you cam from san diego (example).
    Does some1 has a solution for that??

  20. Sorry every one, the original mod did work on its own, but not with Mexuscan. The link on this page has been changed to the new version.

  21. Will not be using this one because it has the WRONG use of the scales at the service stations. The scales at SERVICE STATIONS are NOT the same as the MTO/DOT scales. AND ONE OTHER THING, DO NOT ADD SERVICE STATIONS AT THE MTO/DOT SCALES !

    1. Let us see YOUR map then. Or maybe show us only the scales you designed.
      Have you got something to share with us? I’m sure you don’t.
      BTW, i don’t thing anyone gives a f**ck if you use the map or not.

    2. and same should be said about the on-ramps too then …it’s not real so don’t use the game ;) nothing is perfect, doesn’t matter it’s a fun game eitherway.

    3. I don’t know what you are talking about, the gas stations have same functionality as the standard game. No one is forcing you to use the scales.

      1. hi dude! thanks for your maps! by the way… the maker of the USA Offroad Alaska Map mod wants to talk to you about how can make both maps compatibles, here are his contact

        “Can someone send me contact persons from Mexican or CtoC map to make it compactable? I First want to speak them about it and finding a way to move the map and connect them with a ferry port or …
        Contact facebook: Rob Viguurs
        Contact Gmail: [email protected]
        Regards Rob Viguurs maker of USA Offroad Alaska Map”

  22. Freddy Jimmink

    We can discus whatever we want, maybe for the nono’s who reallycan’t find the right c2c to fix the problem, at leasthelp them on their way with the right link!

    I searched a whole evening, but i didn’t find it…..

  23. I can’t get it to work. Tried all the suggestions including editing the .sii files but no luck. Just keeps crashing everytime I try to load the game…

  24. Freddy Jimmink

    Okay i have to admit, i overlooked a comment of the map’s author………

    I downloaded the changed map and it works perfectly!

    Mantrid don’t be sorry mate, You’re Human and mistakes can happen, thanks for the correction and great work!

  25. Finally, I got it to work. It’s perfect, thank you Mantrid you are the best!

  26. Where can we find Connection Patch For Coast to Coast 1.7.1 & MHA 1.3.1 Maps? Thank you

  27. Where can we get patch for c2c 1.7.1 & MHA 1.3.1 map? Thanks.

  28. Kiwi….if the mod does not work for you..better check all your other mods one of them is causing your problem…happened to me…I had 3 bad mods

  29. It works perfectly with the correct mods at the correct place. Thanks

  30. Mantrid you have a very nice map mod. And it is very much appreciated. I have only ONE request. PLEASE ADD MORE REST AREAS so when my driver gets tired i can rest and reset my fatigue clock. Rest areas can include visiter centers for the new state entered when you cross state lines . Rest areas are not always truck stops or gas stations. On should be place on each major highway interstate. Thanx and i look forward to your future updates

  31. Great job and progress on this. Fixed the ‘black hole’ near Tonopah I see. :-). More forest in KT and TN. I live in Texas and RV all over. I-40 into AR is the Ozark Mountain region. Heavy forest area. I-20 from Houston going east is the ‘Big Thicket’ area. Forest and swamps. I think SCS went the Bethesda route. Gave us 50% of a game and we fix and mod it. I used just this mod and disabled the MHA. Works fine.

  32. Why do all the AI going hauling #### through all the service stops…or..pull up behind you at the pump and just keep blowing the horn. I need a cut scene showing me dragging them out of their 4-wheeler and beating the #### out of them.

  33. Why are still missing signs in eastern US I 77 I40 in Raleigh I 24 I 40 around Memphis and many so??

  34. when+i+try+to+enter+the+game+it+asks+me+to+load+a+diffrent+save+game+when+i+create+a+new+game+why+is+that.



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