65 thoughts on “Coast to Coast v 1.7

  1. keep getting application not found error when trying to dl

  2. nvm firewall was being a ######“

  3. is there any problems with invisible walls? I had it in 1.6

  4. At last new version of favorite map!! Thanks mantrid.

  5. This game just keeps getting better and better….you know why? because its people like Mantrid and other great map makers and all the other modders on these sites that sit there day after day night after night testing,adjusting,creating and drinking redbull until they are forced to sleep…..some mods may not be 100% perfect,they might not totally work or they just dont hit the mark for some …..but without these guys new modders and old bringing new ideas and trying new mods this game would ####……so thankyou to all who contribute to a great community…….speach over :)


    1. Yes, I agree without Mandrid and others like him, this game wouldn be that far. I enjoy driving from coast to coast and this game is improving every day. This version of coast to coast is getting better and better. I found only one problem so far, drivind toward Albuquerque on 40 there is a game crash. If I see any other problem, I will report it so modders could find a way to fix it. One again, thaks you ery much for the good work.

      1. Tyree Jamaul Simmons

        I wish i knew how to do work like this it’ll be good for someone to post tutorial videos for modders in Youtube cause id like to help mod too.

    2. Thumbs up to that!!!

  6. hoi doe waar schijnlijk iets fout

    mis de hele bovenste lijn van steden plus de door gan van deven zo naar beneden naar albuqeuqe wat doe ik fout graag een antwoord
    voor de rest hele goede kaarten ga zo door

  7. kan je deze bestand ook in een gewoon scs bestand zetten in plaats avn een sii bestand
    de meeste mensen gebruiken nog het scs systeem
    bij voorbaat dank

  8. NOT WORK !

  9. Fidiuss, If it wasn’t for SCS you wouldn’t have a game at all to be modified. As for saying the game sucks why don’t you make something better. SCS do a great job !!!

    1. Im just looking for your mods paul? i cant seem to find any? hang on they must be on another site maybe……when i referenced the game to sucking mate without mods it would anyone will tell you that….i would imagine your the first person to cry if there were not any mods for this game and all you had was 2 states still and three trucks …so yeh SCS have created something great …but its the modders that have and are making it better so deal with my comment :) and go play the game….

      1. Well Fidiuss you would imagine wrongly !!

      2. I am with you Fidiuss and the mods really make this game shine right now because the company has not put much content into the game. I would like to thank you and all the other modders for all their hard work.

        1. I may have used the word “####” wrongly so ill admit that :) i was merely trying to put across the amount of hard work the modders have done and are doing with no backing or high tech computers and a comfortable office :)…so ill apologize if it came across incorrectly ….but yeh Truckguy your totally right ….while the community waits patiently for the next state from SCS ,the Mods are keeping people interested…and SCS know this.

          1. You must take into account Fidiuss that SCS do their work from scratch and it takes time whether they are sitting in a comfortable office is irrelevant. Although some maps are good and are appreciated by others, including me, most of them are cut and paste so they can be produced quickly. Most of the cities are just copies from SCS apart from the MHA pro map.

  10. godzilla2076

    I got delivery salt lake city to elko but after sec on road a bring speed and the game cash thx what priority mod you put your game too thx.

  11. is it compatible with MHA Pro ? Thanks.

    1. yes it is mate

      1. Thanks Fidius ;)

  12. Game crashes with mexuscan 1.6 and fix USA & CAN 1.1

  13. Kors sollie

    Heb deze mod geladen en in mijn mod map gezet maar er gebeurd niks krijg geen verandering

    1. zet hem eens onder in je mod lijst

      1. Had ik al gedaan, heb een speciale proef map voor zoiets die is dan leeg en bouw zo de kaarten aan elkaar en kijk 9f ze bij elkaar aan sluiten,
        Maar bij deze kaar’t zie ik niks veranderen want deze zijn in sii en bij mij staat alles op scs
        Vraag hoe kan ik dat veranderen

  14. It’s a bit sad that it’s come down to the modding community to do this. In a few weeks we’ve gotten the entire US while SCS worked for a few years to only give us California and Nevada.

    1. I have been saying the exact same thing and it is mind blowing what a couple guys can do in such a short time.

      1. Nascar_Perry

        I will restate the already stated. That’s because modders right now can only cut and paste. To cut and paste scenery components means the work is done so much faster and in short time. SCS on the other hand, is sitting there, creating a 3D model for each and every building, tree, sign, road, bridge, etc. and then having to texture each and every side of that 3D model, then place the 3D model, resize if necessary, check it for errors, spacing and sizing, usability, Frame Rate performance, familiarity to the area of the US or Canada it references, weather, etc. From the last check, there were only a handful of people working on ATS at SCS. See the point here?

        I, like other modders appreciate the hard work that Mantrid is doing, without this work, we would be forced to wait. But even Mantrid will tell you all that the work SCS will eventually release will have to be eyecatching and original so it will take time.

        An average repaint from me can take anywhere’s from 1-2 hours to research and create my graphics components, then another 30min-1hour to make, then 15-20min to compile and release. This is only a repaint, imagine making a 3D model from scratch.

  15. do you need to make a new save file?

    1. No, you should not have to.T

  16. Nice work but I have a question when updates cities and roads discovered are handed over to zero or rest t – it discoveries?

  17. A lot of people are knocking on SCS, and they don’t seem to realize that while Mantrid, ManiX and others are doing a fantastic job of giving us more to do, the sheer amount of detail SCS has put into the two (soon to be three) states they have completed is incredible. Comparatively (and I’m not knocking your work, Mantrid, you’re doing awesome) the number of cities in C2C and Mexuscan are LOW. Some states and provinces still don’t have ANY cities at all in them! Just road passing through.

    SCS put a lot of love into the work they’ve done so far, and they continue to work to improve the game. But to go to such painstaking detail takes a lot of time. While I appreciate the mods, we need to remember that if you counted the cities in the two SCS states and compared to the mods, the rest of the country is still pretty empty.

  18. Hey Madrid, I love the new map but I noticed that ground is red between Utah and Cheyenne. And also it crashes during that point. I want to know if anyone has experienced that problem. Keep up the good work though, Its always exciting to see you putting out your work!

  19. Jaime long

    The map is red when going from Boston towards new York

    1. I have just got that as well the road between boston and new was red as well. I hope he can fix it because it is a nice map

  20. DrDerpPlays

    so i’ve been running this now for the past few hours no problems, until i got into utah, just past the now entering utah from the nevada side heading toward salt lake city, it’s crashed multiple times in the same spot, so something in that area isn’t happy,

    1. DrDerpPlays

      ok found another issue, in Norfolk, VA. the HMS depot has invisible walls that have made it imposible for tailer pick up on the side of the building

    2. I went passed SLC on I-80 with no issues. I didn’t drive downtown though? Was that where your issue was?

  21. I downloaded last night and leaving boston heading west not far out of Boston all i get is red terrain on either side of the interstate.

    00:23:27.951 : [fs] fs_open called with invalid path “” (expected absolute path, starting with slash)
    00:23:27.951 : [resource_task] Can not open ”
    00:23:27.951 : [fs] fs_open called with invalid path “” (expected absolute path, starting with slash)
    00:23:27.951 : [resource_task] Can not open ”
    00:23:28.063 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:28.064 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:28.201 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:28.201 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:28.312 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:28.312 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:28.429 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:28.429 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:28.545 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:28.545 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:28.545 : [fs] fs_open called with invalid path “” (expected absolute path, starting with slash)
    00:23:28.545 : [ld] Failed to open ”.
    00:23:28.545 : [fs] fs_open called with invalid path “” (expected absolute path, starting with slash)
    00:23:28.545 : [ld] Failed to open ”.
    00:23:28.682 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:28.682 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:28.794 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:28.794 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:28.911 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:28.911 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:29.027 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:29.028 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:29.160 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:29.160 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:40.972 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:40.973 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:40.993 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:40.994 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:41.076 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:41.076 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:41.173 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:41.174 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:41.258 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:41.258 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:41.360 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:41.360 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:41.438 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:41.439 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:41.524 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:41.524 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:41.621 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:41.622 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:41.706 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:41.706 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:41.806 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:41.806 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:41.886 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:41.886 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:41.990 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:41.991 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    00:23:42.071 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE432A93000001)
    00:23:42.071 : Missing model definition! (item: 0x5EE43336A200001)
    ********** The log file exceeded its limit size, truncated.

    that’s what my log says the dots is a big gap of the same repeated error.

  22. Yet another brilliant map mod, however I keep getting a red stripe down the middle of the road where the shrubs are in between Salt Lake City and Cheyenne. I’m running with mexuscan map and MHAmap. I’ve got it in the correct priority order according to the mexuscan map instructions so just curious whether its a texture problem with this map or something to do with running the other maps with it?

  23. Can’t run this map, constantly crashes. Previous map was far more stable…

  24. hello Mantrid
    your map is very good but one thing tho the road between boston and new York. is red can you help pls and fix it

    thank you and keep up the good work

  25. Hello,

    First I want to congratulate you for the hard work that you put in this map, second there are some bugs that i found on my short trip on this map. I give you also a picture with my route too see were i was.


    And one more think, plant some trees and plant them randomly like in nature not on the straight line.

    Thank you! 8-)

  26. Reading all these comments I’m not sure if this is worth downloading? I don’t want something that will crash the game over and over.

  27. Beautifull map guys,i have only one or two things to complain about,dont get me wrong. When i saw that you made Des Moines and Chicago,i was dissapointed when i saw that you didn’t make rest area between those cities on I-80,there is a worlds biggest rest area named Iowa 80 on that road,every trucker knows about it,i am always stoping there for a rest when through Iowa. And second thing,maybe you should have connect I-55 north to Chicago :) All the best

  28. the game crash, even with a new player,i’ll wait for a new map actualization’s

  29. great map …but just past Salt Lake City…about 35 miles going east the ground is on fire

  30. If you have red textures try C2C v1.7 on it’s own and I bet they disappear. If you have issues you need to list what other mods you are using. There are NO reported red textures on C2C v1.7 (no other mods). If you are using Mexuscan you need v1.7 of that mod.

  31. how come I can’t get coast to coast 1.7 map on to my America truck simulator

  32. what order do u need then in the fold to work

    1. Highest priority

  33. I have played a little over an hour or so of the coast to coast map mod and it is very promising with more time. I appreciate the hard work the ones involved put into it. BUT i must RECOMMEND MORE REST AREAS ALONG HIGHWAYS. My fatigue was red with Absolutely no were to pull over and rest for MILES . That must be addressed. Some rest areas should have visitor centers as well . Other than that it is coming along nicely

  34. How does MHA Pro Map work with this? I played the C2C 1.7. And when I got into different states I did not see any trucks at shippers or at any rest areas etc? And when I got back into Nevada and California samething. I had to disable C2C at the moment because of this. Do I have to have them in a certain order for both to work?

    1. Note: there were some trucks at rest areas, but not like what you get with the MHA Pro Map.

      1. Parked trucks outside the MHAPro areas will be in v1.8. To make C2C and MHApro work together you also need the MHAPro compatibility patch. The patch should have highest priority, then MHA and C2C lowest

  35. I play this map together with Mexuscan 1.7 and MHAPro map It works al great and is great to play but there is one thing when I am close to Las Vegas my truck falss tru the street in space and. So Las Vegas is in speace in my cam I can not do anything any more I must start up with a new profile what can I do about this than onley not go to Las Vegas

    1. But when your playing, do you see other trucks at truck stops and on side of the roads etc? When I enable C2C it doesn’t show any of that? Sure it shows some trucks at truck stops but not like the MHA PRO has.

  36. Great map onley I fall in speace when I am near Las Vegas

  37. I would not agree with you Fidiuss that SCS does a good job, you should not Moder
    so true to update its modes. With each new version of the game, SCS amends
    base game and make a problem. I think they are still a little deprived in the programming, because they can not find their way to connect something new with already making the game and to do this always go the easy way, change the base and make the problem of all those who use the game and those who work modes . In addition, they possess great envy toward those who make good mods and trying by all means to prevent them, but they themselves are not able to make a good mod (npr.kenworth W900 is the original desperate). Also, with ETS2 from the beginning until today, are not able to make a map of the whole of Europe, but they were wrong when someone else made. Rather than accept such Moder and their modes, they simply wage war against them. It considered the game to them personally, and most of the users of the game because with each update the game must create a new profile or wait
    the correction of this or that mode. They need all the customers and Moder instructions to criticism on their work and the negligent attitude to customers, as well as to moders. I want to tell all moder not to give up, and SCS should examine themselves and their programmers and to find a good essential that developers will be able to insert new things and not to touch base games. Thank you.

  38. Not sure if this is a Coast to Coast error or Mexuscan error so I am posting this comment on both mod comment sections. Heading west out of Cochella toward Phoenix a little after crossing the Arizona border there is an invisible wall on the right lane before the off ramp. Has anyone else gotten this or is it just me??

    1. do you mean the ramp that doesn’t get you anywhere but the option to turn back (Ehrenborg/Phoenix on the sign just before) ?

      I have no walls, invisible or visible in my way. Mexuscan isn’t doing this.
      as U mentioned Cochella (which is a town in MHAPro) are u using the recommended patches for that, check original thread on SCS-forum

  39. @Mantrid I’m using ats version and got the new map mod+update and the game crashes when I try to load it could you help me

  40. What is the Correct Order To USE with MHApro and US50 Where BE freight Market map visualized correctly?

  41. hi i am trying to add mods, already took hours but it is unsuccessful. I place the scs file in game folder, does not work. anyone please, help. many thanks

  42. how+do+i+upgrade+from+1.6+to+1.7

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