Combination Map: Coast to Coast v 1.6 + Mexican v 1.3

Combination-Map-1 Combination-Map-2 Combination-Map-3

Combination map: Coast_to_Coast_v1.6 + mexican 1.3.
The card works with ATS_map_by_Mario, MHAPro map ATS 1.3.
Poryadod Located in the manager from top to bottom:
MHAPro map ATS 1.3.
Map tested on version 1.2.1s.

Authors: ManiaX, Mantrid, combining voldemar56


38 thoughts on “Combination Map: Coast to Coast v 1.6 + Mexican v 1.3

  1. Well my game is still crashing on the loading screen when I active this mod and yes above the MHAPro map mod.

  2. my game crashes aswell with this mod fixs it ………..

  3. Crashing here also no matter the order for this version. I have got MHAPro map ATS 1.3 and Coast_to_Coast_v1.6.02 and that is working, but Coast_to_Coast needs to be at the top of all mods. It doesn’t matter where I put MHAPro, as long as it’s together. Going to try and add mexuscan_1.3 and see what happens.

  4. Me manda al escritorio, no funciona. gracias

  5. Not crashing here, but still have the same problem…. this is random but only when C2C is loaded. What is it guys (modders)? what can we do to help you get it right >

    1. Bill I was having the same problem, ie falling thru ground. I had disabled all other mods other than the 5pt mha pro, mex1.3, and c2c 1.6, and it stopped doing that, I then started adding mods back with prefrence to ats version 1.2, and things have been running fine. I am still havingf the bright red terrain on some areas of the c2c map but hoping that isue is resolved when mantrid releases c2c 1.7, hope this was helpful

  6. Ok I loaded C2C v1.6.02 and then Mexuscan v1.3 and so far no crashing. For ones who want to know the order I put them in it’s Mexuscan, C2C and then MHAMro. I’m about to head north rite now out of Reading.

  7. still crashing for me on loading

  8. it should not be in any order to work

  9. Hey, Guys

    Reporting back.
    I now have MHAPro map ATS 1.3/Coast_to_Coast_v1.6.02/mexuscan_1.3 working. It did crash upon exiting the game once, right after install but went back in many times and exited and all seems fine now. Here is the list of all my mods in there loading order and in Workshop . I hope this helps all.

    Open truck window – ATS
    Sound Fixes Pack – v14.1 ATS
    MHAPro map ATS 1.3. Part 1
    MHAPro map ATS 1.3. Part 2
    MHAPro map ATS 1.3. Part 3
    MHAPro map ATS 1.3. Part 4
    MHAPro map ATS 1.3. Part 5
    All Jazzycat Mods
    [ATS-MOD] Real gas stations v1.0

    \In Workshop\
    American Realism
    Longer Yellow Lights
    Real Logos
    U-HAUL, UPS, FED-EX Van Skin
    Real Logos for ATS/AutoZone
    Peterbilt modified 1.13/Viper2

    1. SWMFATS_012bfix = SGate Weather Mod v 0.1.2

    2. Hi paul,

      Thanks for the info. I have put those versions in, in the order that you suggested. No crash ..wuhoooo … and the roads actually attach to each other. Not sure what ATS by Mario map you mean though. I’m now about to go to El Centro to see if I still fall through the map.

      Thanks again. :)

    3. Without ATS_map_by_Mario,it will not work

  10. Paul…you got it !!!! perfect…up and running again..Primm addon and US 50 extension…not working with new update…

  11. Just took out ATS_map_by_Mario and still works fine, In the order that I have my mods.

    1. Paul, you sir are a star. Just been to el centro…. and I didn’t fall through the map…. cheers mate, I’ll buy you a pint :)

  12. For me the falling problem was only when using mha pro map, without it everything seems to be ok!

  13. @ManiaX, Mantrid, combining voldemar56

    Obviously this version does not work. But having these two maps together is a great idea. Coast_to_Coast_v1.6.02 and mexuscan_1.3 are working together but need to be at the top of loading order. MHAPro map ATS 1.3 can go anywhere I think, as long they are together. I’m sure you will get it working. Thanks for all the work.


    1. So the problem is, when they upgrade either map, there may be a mismatch. Like this short video shows. I know after I posted this vid, they upgraded the map, problem there was, it created the mismatch >

  14. well it is my understanding that this is not an authorized map by either map author….with out this bogus repost, they all work fine, go to scs forum and there are instructions on how to delete 2 sectors of mha map that fixes this problem.

    1. So where were you 4 hours ago ;) You could have saved us loads of time and trouble.

      And if this is a ‘bogus repost’, why aren’t the original modders having a shout.

  15. Lol….I was checking SCS FORUM. .. reading about mantrid’s new 1.7 update which is about to drop and learning how to delete those sectors to make all of my maps work together to avoid these problems lol… And Mantrid has addressed this person before and asked that he name it something else and not take his work and change it I don’t know where they stand on that now I think they’re just letting it go because they’re about to release new updates… I’m no expert man Just A Lover of the game and enjoy that these great mod maps that are coming out I’m glad people are trying to make them work together …in the Forum post Mantrid said he was going to try to work with the authors of mha and the Mexican USA Canada map and try to get something and cohesion with a patch that links them all together

    1. Cheers for the info. I’ll keep an eye out for his new mods :)

  16. Hello everyone
    So far i tested everything,whats working till now
    1:Mha Pro 1.3
    2:Coast to Coast 1.6
    3:Mario map
    4:Mexican 1.3
    All without any comptibilty or fix mods
    Only what doesn`t work is the company`s from Mha pro map
    All the highway connection from hillbrook to canada is working fine also
    San Diego to el paso and Amarillo is working fine and with other mods that u using.
    I hope is also working with you Guy’s have fun everyone ;-)

  17. Everything works but between Flagstaff and Albuquerque the ground is red.

  18. The game also crashes when i am passing El Paso. I’m driving from Dallas to San Diego.

  19. hi ray
    Well that is strange because i have no problems between san Diego and Dallas.
    And Flagstaff i haven`t driving yet.I am gonna look later..

  20. Hi ray

    I had aswell no problems from Flagstaff to Albequerque,Amarillo and Oklahoma..
    Perhebs what problem could be ,is that maybey u got mods that isn`t accept on version 1.2
    Like i had a Scania t and rjl mod and the game crashes.Remove that mod and everything is working fine,so chech out all your mods and maybey that will help…

  21. Hi Lucky,

    I’m only using Coast to Coast v 1.6 + Mexican v 1.3 map mods, nothing else. I tried it twice and it crashes on the same spot every time.

  22. fuckingcrashingpieceofshit

    These mods are trash….. Fix the crashing issue before you add onto the map… it can wait.

  23. crash for me, only using this mod, nothing else…

  24. Crashing when loading in, this is the only map mod I have.

  25. has anybody found a fix for the crashing ???

  26. I am using this Combo Pack v 1.3, MHA Pro 1.31, ATS Mario Hawaii and mine seems fine apart from an invisible wall at the road connection at Hornbrook. This combo pack puts in Mexico without having to put in Mexuscan. Please fix the invisible wall.

  27. Bobby Carrizal

    i’ve got crashed from el paso to phoenix can you update for coast to coast V-1.7


  28. DrDerpPlays

    now, if the falling through the world part would be fixed, i could start using this mod, cause i want to head east, but can’t when the truck falls threw the ground

  29. sounds like you need the mod patch i try to go around the falling down part but i could not go around it east side of the map is fine colorado oklahoma down to san antonio but it crashes on me from phoenix to el paso and el paso to albuquerque please fix these issues i will move my truck back to my home town in indiana for now and do some more deliveries there til it is fixed

  30. No jobs available for states other then CA and NV

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