Combination map Coast to Coast v1.6 + mexican 1.2


Combination map: Coast_to_Coast_v1.6 + mexican 1.2.
The card works with ATS_map_by_Mario, MHAPro map ATS 1.3.
Poryadod Located in the manager from top to bottom:
MHAPro map ATS 1.3.
Map tested on version 1.2.1s.

Author: ManiaX, Mantrid. combining voldemar56.


17 thoughts on “Combination map Coast to Coast v1.6 + mexican 1.2

  1. Not working. Maps gets screwed up again. When it comes to maps all of you should work together and communicate, PM each other. All this does is frustrates the player. We all appreciate these wonderful maps and the work that’s put in to them to make this game so much better for all of us, but that said, communication is the key here.

  2. james tooey

    game crashes when put this map in

  3. I really want to get Mexuscan, Mhapro, and C2C to work together. But, Mexuscan just screws with the C2C map background, period. Tried all loading orders, background screws up. Mantrid didn’t update C2C-MHapro patch yet, better off waiting for now before ManiaX fixes his map, and Mantrid makes a patch update.

  4. Bradley tyler

    Ways71 my back ground works just find both maps works great.My order is Mexuscan.C2C i took out MHAPRO but they work fine for me.

  5. I can’t even get the mod to work on its own, never mind with other mods. Game crashes everytime I load my save files or start a new game.
    Can anyone help me with this?

  6. my game crashes with this mod

  7. Hi Guys.
    This is my current load order which works perfectly on new 1.2 update.

    MEXUSCAN 1.3
    MHA 1.3 PART 1
    MHA 1.3 PART 2
    MHA 1.3 PART 3
    MHA 1.3 PART 4
    MHA 1.3 PART 5
    C2C 1.6 FIX
    C2C 1.6

    My maps werent working at first so i started a new profile with just the maps in the mod list,and it works fine. It is one of my other mods which was making it crash at first. So now i have to go through all my other mods to see which one is making it crash. But if you load the maps without any other mods it works.

    1. MHA FIX? Don’t have this. It’s not on HeavyAlex blog?????

  8. It does not work at all, the mod posted yesterday and today with all sets or open the game.
    They need better prepare conjunctions of ok maps.

  9. tonyk, when using this combination my game works, but after leaving san diego i fall off map, and when opening the map there is nothing, now i removed mha map, and will see if it works now, do you have the same problem? or a solution?

  10. Pogonista99

    Game crasch

  11. hello Guy’s
    This very good with me i try everything and this is whats come out,and work perfectly
    1:coast to Coast1.6
    2:Mha pro 1.3 (all the 5 parts)
    3:Mario map
    $:Mexican 1.2
    Than there`s no problem to play so farr..
    Good luck and have guy`s

  12. Pros:
    Fantastic map and idea.
    Easy to install (Mhapro 1-5 then c2c)
    Adds miles and miles of extra activity.
    Adds longevity to an otherwise dull (over too quickly) game.

    Having to change order of mods to make it work (crashes above position 3)
    Falling through map at El Centro turn off via 111 (tried without c2c, no problem)
    Frustration at losing cargo when falling through.

    Let us know if you need more information. I don’t mind helping if you need extra bug checks.

  13. Paul, you can get MHA fix for c2c from the SCS forum. Look in map mods a go into Coast to Coast 1.6 by Mantrid.It will be there.


  14. I just installed this map and I can’t get through Atlanta. If I drive down into the city, I hit a wall under the main road crossing above, and if I drive on the highway through it, the truck falls through the road just past the first slip road.

  15. I can’t get through Atlanta on this map…if I drive down into the city I hit a wall under the highway, and if I take the highway I fall through the road onto the level below.

    Has anyone else found this?

  16. I wonder if you can convert this mod for ETS2 would be very good. thank you

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