15 thoughts on “Kenworth W990 [1.34.x]

  1. Anyone else having problems with the driver door and steering wheel?

    1. *Asphalt Cowboy*

      Problem solved! The mod conflicts with the Interior Exterior Reworks Megapack v1.6 so remove it and the problem is solved

    2. Alistair Hipper

      i have the KW w990 and i removed the Interior Exterior Reworks Megapack v1.6 and the door is still open is there an order in which they go in the mod list

      1. Deputydawg

        I’m using the interior/exterior megaworks that came with the truck and although the door is open when the game world loads as soon as I start the engine the door closes on it’s own. The only fault I have with the truck is the steering wheel looks to be too small. Has anyone been able to purchase the truck as a day cab on a new profile? All I saw was one available for purchase at level 20.

  2. cual es la diferencia con la que publico el autor al inicio ????? https://atsmods.lt/kenworth-w990-2019-1-34-x/#comments

    1. Deputydawg

      Creo que la única diferencia es que esta es publicada por alguien que no es Frank Perú

  3. Deputydawg

    Anyone able to buy the w990 day cab on a new profile? I can only find the w900 day cab in the Kenworth dealership.

    1. Deputydawg

      Also, this mod is likely stolen as y otros or whoever uploaded didn’t mention any additional changes to the mod than what’s on Frank’s page.

      1. y otros translates to “and others” its not a persons name

        1. Deputydawg

          Oh, my bad then.

  4. Crashes my game whenever I try to access this slot in the dealership. Seem to be a lot of untested buggy mods being fast-tracked these days.

  5. when I buy a truck, the truck no drive, Does anyone know how I can fix it?

    Cuando compro un camion el camion solo enciende no se mueve, alguien sabe como puedo arreglarlo?

    1. Muber3131

      Checa el motor

  6. Frank_164


  7. Gogu Steriade

    Hello Sir , 1 st i would like to thank you for all your incredible work ! I just love this Truck !
    Second , and i feel bad asking for help but maybe you could help set up some windshield accessories for kenworth w990 , i have tried all i know to no success .
    Thank you very much.

    P,S : I am not a modder and my knowledge is limited and i would like to use this for my personal use.

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