Freightliner Cascadia 2018 Ultrabald Edition 1.6 for ATS 1.34.x

!! Remove old versions before use !!

Original model and parts by Felipe Conbar
Air cables by Jesse Burson
Cleaning, rearranging and dashboard by galimim
Re-building by UltraBald
Full credits in mod description

*Because a lot of parts have been added, I highly recommend you sell previous versions before using this one*

– Log is free of errors (only one error remains because 3D model is too heavy, no impact on game or performance)
– Lots of chassis including 6×4 short, lowered and 4×2
– Lots of accessories and tunning options
– Cabin DLC compatible
– Left mirror fixed
– XT cabin rear window tint corrected
– Other bug corrections

Change log:
1.6: Integration of Felipe Conbar’s new chassis and parts
Update all parts to 1.34
Fixed errors in dashboard computer
Added custom made bottom grills fitted to new bumper
Corrected cabin backlights position
Sound update
Corrected dashboard decoration positions
Adapted rack position for day cab
Engine corrections
Countless bugs and textures fixes
1.5.1: Complete rebuild and refit of dashboard computer
Fixed hood bullbars not showing from inside view
Fixed cabin ambient lights
Removed some curtains
Fixed decorations poking through windscreen
Improved driver position
Modified material of the windows deflectors to make them look less shiny
Separated bullbars and bottom grills to allow both at the same time
Update of interior textures with Galimim’s last set
Bottom grills and slots updated
Added custom made ‘Ram’ bullbar
1.5: Adaptation of chassis definition file for 1.34
Removed unrealistic tag lift chassis
1.4: Added 4 new mirror options
Added backlights slots to XT Cabin (may not fit well on top slots)
Fixed quickjobs
Cleaned gearboxes
1.3: Re-oriented the left mirror
Blacklights fixed (need external marker mod to work)
Re-added tons of tuning parts previously added by Jesse Burson, re-ajusted them all to the new cabins
Fixed left mirror
Fixed sunshield geometry
Removed Detroit Diesel engines (because they had no badges)
XT Cabin window tint correction
1.2: Fixed collision problem
1.1: Bug fixes
Added missing truck colour textures
Added missing truck colour icons
Changed the look of chrome parts
Made ao texture a bit darker
1.0: Original mod

Ultrabald, galimim, Jesse Burson, Felipe Conbar, Frank Brasil, Tom Dooley, Viper, Solaris36, R.Modjeski/DCvinh, dmitry68, Wolfi, GTM Team


17 thoughts on “Freightliner Cascadia 2018 Ultrabald Edition 1.6 for ATS 1.34.x

  1. scania_dragon

    Looks very nice. See:

    But it has again a few issues. Mudflaps “Texture not found” and except for the first fender all other fenders are invisible.
    And why does it not have break and reverse lights for nack-slots? Or which mod is a must have for that ?

  2. Really a great mod now. Thx for edditing and updating. The Cascadia is my new favorite now. But there are still some (new) bugs:

    1. If I install the “new Cascadia hood”, then I can see from the cockpit view only the normal hood.

    2. I can’t install any led-markers on the bullbar any longer, even though I’ve installed appropriate mods (Boreman, SMP etc.)

    3. If I choose a color with pattern, then it is only taken monochrome.

    If you could fix these bugs in v1.7, the Cascadia would be perfect. I especially like the new on-board computer. Very, very good work. I’m impressed.

    1. Another addendum: IMHO the consumption is very low. I’m now driven 12.000 miles with heavy load and according to computer have an average consumption of 10.5 mpg (Cummins x15 600 hp and 18 speed gearbox). Normally should be around 6.5 mpg.

      1. Since you are obviously still working on a new update, another addendum: I think the engine sound is a little bit too loud, because other sounds like the AI ​​traffic, turn signals, etc. are a little bit too quiet. Maybe you can fix it too? Ok, that’s a whine at a high level now ;-)

        1. And while I’m at it: I find the “whistling” of the turbo a little too loud. In reality, I don’t know a truck where the turbo is so clearly audible. The problem with the low consumption seems to me to be solved. It was probably an incompatibility with another truck mod.

          Otherwise again: You are doing a really great job. The Cascadia is getting better and better. Keep it up! Thanks to you and the development team.

  3. Nice truck, however had to remove it since it also removed the roof lights and horns from my other trucks.

    1. scania_dragon

      No problem on my side. Have an own profile for this truck!

    2. Have you tested a lower priority in the mod manager?

  4. LoCasLive

    Hey there,

    i have got some issueswith the shadows of the tires on the road. These are looking like kind of squares or rectangles – Differently from all the other trucks around including stock trucks. This happens with or without tires mods – Maybe you can have a look?

    1. Yes, me too. I haven’t noticed before.

  5. Ultrabald

    Thank you guys for your feedbacks.

    I’m fixing the issues you encountered. Expect a new version in a few days.


    1. francisco

      primero gracias por este estupendo camion mi favorito junto con el inspiracion de hecho los dos camiones mas lindos del juego y lo sig el resplandor en el medallon en el interior es un poco molesto se podria reducir y al hacer un skin para la cabina alta no me sale solo las dos primeras como se corrige esto las estoy haciendo con los templates incluidos gracias

  6. bonjour à tous, trés beau camion, je ne trouve qu’ un petit souci, les fenders restent invisible, pouvez-vous réparer, merci d’ avance et encore merci pour votre travail.

  7. game is crashing, sadly. I can send report for investigation if wanted

  8. It’s quite nice but yeah there are some bugs on this one.

    My biggest problem is that the seat textures turn to pure white when viewing from the exterior view, even when selecting the orange “executive” option. Also other notable issues relating to missing textures including some of the specialized paint jobs (scales and olive drab composite for instance) and some options that do not show up when selecting (many of the fenders for instance). Lastly, the topography of the model itself could use some smoothing out (for instance, look at the hood with a metallic paint under a sunny sky — there appear to be some rough spots).

    I hope the mod author sorts this out because it really is a beautiful truck. I wouldn’t bother posting here if I didn’t think this mod was worth it.

  9. Peter Klemmensen


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