24 thoughts on “CAT CT600 XL ATS 1.34.X

  1. Stolen+from+RTA+mods

    1. Agree stolen mod from RTA

    2. hlypik111

      He is stollen from 1.28 or earlier

    3. Deputydawg

      Report mods that are stolen with links to the real one so that they can get taken down.


      Lol stop overreacting yourself, kid. I made this mod myself

    5. im confused, aren’t rta selling this mods? if so…isn’t that ilegal? i mean, i’m pretty sure they dont have any deal with CAT or with the other companies to use their brand as a selling point. Mods should be free.

      1. Mobius Ace

        Yes. Selling vehicle mods in any game is illegal if you don’t have licenses from the manufacturer and ip holders (even monetizing through Patreon while releasing the mod for free is at best a grey area, at worst it’s also illegal), and there are past cases of modders who got in legal trouble for this (don’t remember which game though, I think it was rFactor).
        So, even if paid mods were actually uploaded here, when creators complain it’s basically thieves accusing others of being thieves.

  2. the mod doesn’t work

  3. When this mod is installed, the F2-mirrors do not work anymore. They stay empty.

  4. YohII+Trucking,+liar+as+well,+you+didn’t+make+this+truck+at+all.


      Learn to type correctly, kid

  5. Reported as stolen!


      I’ll reupload my work again if it gets removed so nice try

  6. When+using+the+2300+horsepower+airline+engine+option+for+this+truck+it+is+way+too+powerful+and+too+fast+to+control+the+truck.


    Glad to see someone standing up for me, RTA are slow and are often silent and also surprising that they are not taken down

    To people who accuse me of my work, your work is no better, and you have none to show for either :)

    1. No problem. RTA are Bastards. But mTG and Blueprint mods are pretty decent.

  8. Once again, adding lights, and all accessories to have a truck according to your taste is more than 50% of the pleasure in ATS…
    TOO FEW accessories slots… IT SUCKS !!!!!!


      Lol keep the opinions to yourself. It looks perfectly fine for me when I tested it myself before uploading it :)

    2. Learn to make mods and stfu Serena, you ungrateful ####

      1. Well said.

  9. SerenaIsAC*nt

    My 9 year old nephew, can come up with a better remark than up yours.

  10. horsepowergeek

    Hi, I have been hoping to find a truck like this for ATS, but I can’t find one for 1.43, is there any way you can do this, I really don’t care if its stolen this Is all I can find of a CAT truck in the game and I am really hopeful that it works in current versions, If you can’t I understand, I do remember using this at one time and it was a great mod then.

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