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CAT CT600 XL ATS 1.34.X

Date 2019-04-08 09:29

– Find in Peterbilt Dealer
– Motors with Real Sounds
– New Transmissions
– New Update



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23 Responses to CAT CT600 XL ATS 1.34.X

  1. paulfred


  2. Michel

    the mod doesn’t work

  3. Fons

    When this mod is installed, the F2-mirrors do not work anymore. They stay empty.

  4. paulfred


  5. Travis


  6. Bradly

    Yes, it is Illegal, If they are using the Brand and Selling the mods… But it is not if they are for free. RTA Already got Sued once by Kenworth for doing so… They are Luckily Catapiller & Peterbilt haven’t gotten ahold of there Little asses.

    So As long as these mods are getting leaked Good for us, But Fuck RTA… If they were licensed with the companies and selling them mods then I can see it okay with having the Companies Permission.

    If they were licesned with the companies they would be allowed I’m sure too make the models and sell them… Not sure for the game though, Nice work updating it to 1.34! Works excellent for me find it in the Kenworth dealership, Hardly any LAG as the RTA Version had Extremely POOR Optimization.

    You did well, Thank you!! Would like to the their Peterbilt 359 Updated to 1.34 (If possible)


      Glad to see someone standing up for me, RTA are slow and are often silent and also surprising that they are not taken down

      To people who accuse me of my work, your work is no better, and you have none to show for either :)

  7. Once again, adding lights, and all accessories to have a truck according to your taste is more than 50% of the pleasure in ATS…
    TOO FEW accessories slots… IT SUCKS !!!!!!

  8. SerenaIsAC*nt

    My 9 year old nephew, can come up with a better remark than up yours.

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