Scania Trucks for ATS v 1.4

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This mod adds Scania trucks(from ETS 2) to ATS.
You have to activate European Truck Dealers mod(included in zip file) to buy these trucks from the dealer. After you activate it, you can find the trucks at dealers in San Francisco, Tucson, Las Vegas or Farmington(New Mexico).
– Scania R 2009 , Scania Streamline, Scania R 2016 and Scania S 2016 models available in the mod.
– Completely converted from ETS 2 without errors.
– Realistic suspensions
– Supports Advanced Trailer Coupling

v1.4 released. Changes;
– Updated Scania S & R 2016 models from last ETS 2 update.
– Accessory improvements.
– Fix for missing paintjobs.
– Other minor bug fixes.

Required Game Version

Please respect to labor by following these rules;
– Don’t edit the mod files without permission.
– Give the page link of the mod from as download link while sharing the mod on other sites or YouTube etc.
– Don’t upload the mod to your Sharemods/Modsfile etc. account for earn money.
Thanks in advance.

SCS Software, Frkn64 Modding

Frkn64 Modding, SCS Software


3 thoughts on “Scania Trucks for ATS v 1.4

  1. Inb4 Dalsin and CarCat throw a tantrum again.

    1. I don’t have a life right now. Parents kicked me out.

  2. My+only+gripe+with+this+mod+is+that+it+adds+spotlights+to+the+roofs+of+some+SCS+stock+trucks+and+changes+all+the+stock+wheels+to+the+ETS2+wheels.


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