Kenworth W900 Wrecker + Load + Template

Kenworth-W900-Wrecker-1 Kenworth-W900-Wrecker-2 Kenworth-W900-Wrecker-3

– New ao
– New template (included but scs skins do not work with new template)
– Lightmask
– Added back 8×4 Recovery Long (standad cabs)
– Added back 8×4 recovery short (duty cab)
Disclamer: if you want to change chassis to shorter or longer change cab first becasuse when you change chassis first game crashes (reason unknown)

Thank you:
GRM Modding for putting back on SCS truck, Editing model of load truck for use as recovery truck load, retemplating cab and back and lightmask for recovery load

3dartpol for back from 18 WOS Extreme Trucker Mod.

Authors: GRM Modding, TOYS, 3dartpol, SCS


28 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 Wrecker + Load + Template

  1. That’s cool, will have to try it out.

  2. Ha ha SWIFT that’s the right truck on the hook

  3. be nice if someone would make a well done driveable mack

    1. I agree

    2. i will see about it and if i cant do nothing i will defenitly ask around

  4. Love the Swift being towed LOL

  5. very cool just needs some work like a light bar and some thing is roung with the paint jobs they don’t show up out side the cab but other then that it works good for me

    1. 2nd point in the description clearly says it has a new template

  6. michael hoeven

    Thank you for the beautiful Mod and I hope that more trailers bowls for this car

    1. 2nd point in the description clearly says it has a new template

  7. Tneggs[Kansas]

    Nice work, and thank you. I dug into the files a bit, and in def/vehicle/truck/w900/chassis/8×4 you can remove the last line of text, (conflict with dutycab) and it will allow you to switch frames without crashing.
    Im working right now to try and get the wrecker chassis to work with the w900 Pinga edit, but I’m afraid it wont work. Is this model replacing the cab also? If so it will never work with Pinga’s mod.

    1. its standard scs model and you can edit but only for private use i forgot to add in description

      1. Tneggs[Kansas]

        Yeah sorry, I didn’t mean for you to think I was stealing your mod. However I was able to get the wrecker body to fit onto the Freightliner Classic and it works great. I just took the 2 text files in the chassis folder (8x4ra and 8x4rcb), put them into a seperate .scs file, changed it from kenworth.w900 to freightliner and deleted the conflicts/defaults. So the file I created does not work on its own. It requires both your mod, and the Freightliner Classic mod. Is there any way you could release this for everyone else to use, or may I have permission to release this file with proper credits given?

  8. Nice truck. Need some work. It dose something to paint.

    1. 2nd point in the description clearly says it has a new template

  9. Works and looks fine :)
    Gameplay :

  10. Noob , Not Is Your Mod , It’s dlc_kenworth_w900 , Created By SCS (Copyright)

    1. 1. it is my mod it is an edit of the scs one
      2. scs never made a wrecker and probably never will
      3. they are in the credits
      4. think before commenting next time

      1. Hey man how are you doing? Do you think you will make wrecker versions of the other trucks and even some moded ones? that would be cool cause my dad owns a towing company. Thanks man and keep up the great work!!!

        1. i am i just dont mod 24/7 :p i got college to attend to and assignments to do

          1. Yeah man i understand just curious

  11. paulo silva

    Como instalo o mod não consigo

  12. Space Cam

    Can this mod be converted to ets2 version 1.22.xx and 1.23.xx


    The trailer truck seems too big, but still the wrecker is nice. Thanks great mod.

  14. Wallace_2425


  15. Looks nice. Can anyone tell me how to get the mod working. I have the lastest version of ATS. The mod is added and active but I have no idea how to find the truck in the game. please help.

  16. Anonymous

    Is it just me or do you try to download it then you get a Microsoft scam alert?

  17. Triston bunch


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