Freightliner Cascadia V 1.1 edited by Solaris36


Peterbilt dealership.
Fully standalone.
A lot of fixes.
Truck desktop.
Quick jobs.

Changes in V1.1:

Fixed differential ratio on 9V gearbox.
Fixed speedometer.
Fixed collisions.
Interior reworked.
Reworked main and hood mirrors.
Added more dashboard options.
Fixed and upgraded headlights.
Small improvement in FPS.

NOTE: Interior animations need updating but when trying to import and updated deform and not work properly when export. Some warning lights from dashboard do not work. Maybe someone knows or can fix these problems.

Need minimum 1.2.x ATS game version.



Other works:

Solaris36, Jon_ruda, Sergej Baltazar, SiSL, Kriechbaum


29 thoughts on “Freightliner Cascadia V 1.1 edited by Solaris36

  1. thankyou so much mate!

    1. solaris36


  2. KontiovaaranJuhani

    Where’s video?

    1. idiotskij

      Do one yourself, dipshit!

  3. Thank you for updating this beatiful truck and listening to the feedbacks. Much appreciated

  4. Beautiful, Solaris..
    Thank you, bro!

  5. Mateus Martins

    Thank you !! :D

  6. Nice truck, thank you Solaris36. But in this version it crashes the game in quick job mode. Previous version worked fine.

  7. solaris36

    I will test it. Thank you

    1. Maybe that will help -)

      00:25:26.683 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/truck_company/fr_cascadia.sii’:
      00:25:26.684 : [unit] The pointer to ‘_nameless.cascadia_dea.gauge_rings’ looks like dangling pointer.
      00:25:26.684 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/truck_company/fr_cascadia.sii’:
      00:25:26.684 : [unit] The unit ‘_nameless.0000.0000.07CF.9530’ of type ‘vehicle’ has dangling pointer (to ‘_nameless.cascadia_dea.gauge_rings’) in the attribute named ‘accessories’.
      00:25:26.684 : load_unit_tree() – Failed to load unit tree from file (/def/vehicle/truck_company/fr_cascadia.sii)

      1. solaris36

        Yes, you’re right. My mistake.
        If you know how to…
        Open the file def/vehicle/truck_company/fr_cascadia.sii with winrar, 7zip, etc
        locate the line: accessories[44]: .cascadia_dea.gauge_rings
        rewrite “dea” to “com” like this:
        accessories[44]: .cascadia_com.gauge_rings
        Save saving changes.
        Sorry. :-)

        1. Now it works well, thanks a lot!

  8. One thing that i noticed and i know its a bit picky is that the side, bumper, and roof lights emit more of a yellow than an orange light, like the side turning lights. The yellow doesnt match the orange lights on most trailers making it look kind of ugly at night. I know its kind of specific but if those could somehow be changed to emit an orange light that would be awesome :) This truck has become my personal favorite in the game so if you change it or not ill still love it. Thanks for the awesome truck!!

  9. Prometheus

    Don’t work in quick jobs

    1. solaris36

      Read 2 messages above…..

  10. VolcanoDemon

    Hello Solaris36
    i was just wondering if you could when you get a chance to do you think you can convert the Freightliner argosy reworked v2.0 ( this is the most stable one i found that worked well under 1.2 it crashes the Peterbilt store

  11. the interior is too heavy, lost a lot of fps…

  12. Can’t wait for the Low End PC version!

  13. solaris36

    Hi guys.
    To play with maximum FPS, don’t install the hood mirrors (I less about 10-12 fps), and choose mirrors medium distance view. On my computer I went from 30 to 46 fps aprox.

  14. I’m gonna download and play on ultimate settings because I can :P

    looks sick tho seriously

  15. Addison Boley

    You should make the evolution cascadia.

  16. You should make the freightliner cascadia evolution

  17. ChrisTrucker

    Love the Truck but why are the Wipers so huge inside the Truck

  18. thanks ! good mod!

    but there are wheel problem.

    i using g27, i cant 900° wheel.

    the rhythm is off.

    help me :)

  19. solaris36,
    Hey if you ever want to update the interior dash and gauges I have pics of our 2017 Cascadia’s

  20. good

  21. great work love the truck from the us you got it down love the work

  22. BlackJack

    The link to download no longer works.

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