International Lonestar v 2.3.1 Revised

International-Lonestar-1 International-Lonestar-3 International-Lonestar-2

Fixed many errors in the log.

– Independent
– Mounted on the basis of Kenworth T680 Truck
– Outside cabin (LoneStar)
– Inside (LoneStar)
– Test version
– 3 original cabins
– 3 fender
– 4 chassis
– Buy a Volvo saloon San Francisco

Authors: SCS, Franck Bug fixes: losevo58


19 thoughts on “International Lonestar v 2.3.1 Revised

  1. Убогий лось, что ты мог исправить, криворучка недоношенная?

  2. Не знаю почему у других “типа” работает,у меня вылетает игра даже если создать чистый профиль только с этим грузовиком v1.2.1.1s

    1. где ты скачал игру v1.2.1.1s??

    2. Well, the rules losevo58 ) but not vovangt4 …

      1. game.log
        Вы, что думаете, что в целом сообществе ATS и ETS2, один только vovangt4, может исправлять моды? Вы, глубоко в этом ошибаетесь.
        You are what you think that on the whole community of the ATS and the ETS2, alone vovangt4, can correct fashion? You are deeply mistaken in this.

      2. vlad81
        Для сравнения логов, скачайте первую раздачу отсюда:
        To compare logs, download first hand here:

        1. Ошибок в логе, море!!!
          Ошибок в журнале, на море !!!

  3. Keefdogg24

    Can you make a patch to where you can have both the Volvo VNL and your Lonestar at the Volvo Dealership? I can only have one or the other, based on mod priority.

  4. First of all, thank you for your ongoing efforts to make the Lonestar better. I hope it soon gets into a great shape.
    What I hope you can still enhance:
    – It still overwrites Aradeth’s VNL, which -sorry to say it- is at nuch better refined release state to miss
    – Maybe you could do some coloring touches at the dashboard. The current colors clash. I have no problems with the general model, just the colors.
    – On the outside model, some scales are a little off. If you compare it to IRL photos, the hood appears to high, especially in contrast to the fenders. Also, cab windows are to tall, making the whole cab appear distorted. Rear sleeper cab windows are currently fused into the side deflectors. And, the cabins are still named wrong (Mid-roof is high and vice versa).
    I’d still keep it if it wasn’t overwriting the VNL…

    Thanks, and I hope you’ll keep improving it.

  5. Volvo VNL released first and it is a VOLVO.
    Why are you just copy/paste truck dealer files?

    Change the slot for that truck. It’s not a Volvo, so give that a slot except “0”.

    And thank you for your effort.

  6. ###, is that a joke?

    One of the worst mod for both ATS and ETS2.

    All of the textures on both interior and exterior is bullsh.t. All normal maps are malformed.

    All models are malformed. It’s using Pete 579’s sideskirts lol, front bumper is a totally joke.

    Chassis wrong, every tiny piece on the truck is ####.

    Lol, also he can’t even createa def file for truck dealer. Looks like just copied and pasted some of VNL670’s def files. Even the name of the def files are the same.

    This mod is a total disaster and can NOT be improved in such an unskilled guy’s hands.


    1. Kareja Aberrante


    2. I look forward to see a better version done by you.

      In the meantime, stop acting like a ####.

      1. Demetrius Minneapolis

        I don’t think he’s “acting”.

  7. What a bad mod, it’s like from year 2000!


  8. losevo58=trash

  9. Freddy Jimmink

    Okay this is too chldish for words!

    Here is an ETS2 Lonestar with Lonestar interior, only problem. dashboard ain’t working but maybe modders can do something with this mod:

    And for the people who want to have the International Lonestar not at Volvo dealer,
    here is my reworked version, with sounds and engine modifications, buy at Kenworth Dealer:

    Feel free to use def files only for changing dealership.

    Great mod, only 2 little remarks: Make the truck in game a bit wider and longer, scaled to the T680 and W900 it is too small, have fun all

    Greatings from Holland

    Freddy Jimmink
    (You can find me on facebook)

  10. Freddy Jimmink

    In this video You can see the interior of the international Lonestar for ETS 2 it’s interior, only problem the instruments don’t work……

  11. What dealership is this thing at?

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