Kenworth t800


American Truck Simulator: Kenworth T800 download V1.1

Well I bring vercion 1.1 The t800 features 3 types of cabins, with pompadour pompadour no and a and cabin compatible with vercion American Truck 1.4 is the latest
they do not forget to subscribe and give the video to continue to release more mods: Greetings

Alejandro Flores


12 thoughts on “Kenworth t800

  1. Smokin Dabs

    why not use share mods like everyone else?

  2. That looks awful……….hopefully it’s just your pc resolution

  3. Kenworth+t800+it+crashed+again.

  4. Not standalone, many errors, looks terrible, PURE RUBBISH.

  5. Looks like a plastic toy haha

  6. I admit a moment ago or he must stop doing the things that do not look like nothing!!! Alejandro stopped and let the professionals instead of the “trucks” and bahamutix has reason it seems a toy!!

  7. No, it doesn’t compare to GT-Mike’s T800. But why are there so many dickheads who have never created anything who think they are entitled to criticize others?

    1. Smokin Dabs

      like! “thumbs up” couldn’t agree more. i think its a good try. obv needs some things like to be standalone but, i think for it being a first its good. good job thank you. hope to see more updates soon.

    2. Alejandro Flores

      Thanks Tom :D

  8. alexcyrh22

    this is the more ugless version of t800 i saw!! old version version from krienchbaum is better!!!

  9. This T800 is just a remodel of the other one and the description doesn’t help because they don’t know how to spell and the mod overall #### ####

  10. I hate 4 shared. Not reviewing this because of that.

    JNR-SNR gaming

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