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Kenworth W900 Rusted Skin + Matching Interior

Date 2016-02-21 16:31

Rusted-1 Rusted-2 Rusted-3

This mod makes the Kenworth w900 very old looking.
I had no idea the interior would go so well that i could release it allready tongue-emoticon
Even the gauges are damaged and all the emblems inside wink-emoticon
In this zip folder we have the rusted skin with the matching interior

Author: Riipperino


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5 Responses to Kenworth W900 Rusted Skin + Matching Interior

  1. Paul

    Thanks for skin. Very nice

  2. grandpa

    What engine is it ? Cool skin.

  3. Nice work in an artistic sense, but it’s not realistic. The cab is aluminum, the hood is fibreglass, and the sleeper is a combination of both. Neither aluminum nor fibreglass rust. Aluminum does corrode; but it’s white, not orange/brown.

  4. Joaquín

    Nice, but interior textures need to be improved.

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