Freightliner FLB CCC Skin


This is only paintjob for Freightliner FLB

I hope you like it

People, respect my work, if you upload this mod in your web pages, using my, genuine sharemods link, pleace. Thank you.

Author: sliipais


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9 thoughts on “Freightliner FLB CCC Skin

  1. Nice skin as always mate!

    I’ve a question. Can u make skin for request?

  2. Give me a link to the desired skin ( info , pics ) , I try to do something.

    1. You make a skin in the past like this:

      This is a beautiful rusty, retro skin for FLB. I want this skin without the Consolidated Freightways painting. I want only the rust and the dirt on the truck, if it’s possible of course.

      Thank u sooo much! ;)

      1. You mean , white truck , without any freight logos , but include rust ?

        1. Yes, I mean just the rust and dirt on the white truck, without the logos.

          Thanks again! :)

          1. Ok , next paint , Freight grandpa . ))

  3. Dr. Richard Heade

    Another brilliant reskin, thank you.

    1. It’s good , if people like what you do . )) Thank’s man .

  4. Do you know any one who could make a crouse cartage company van Trailer

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