W900 by SCS Mega sound pack


Hi all,

Here’s my mega sound pack for the W900 from SCS. This truck is very nice ! Well done SCS.

This sound pack adds those engines and sounds :

-Cat C15
-Cat 3406E
-Cummins N14

If you choose the Cummins ISX, you’ll have the stock sounds from SCS on it, so you have a big choice :)



19 thoughts on “W900 by SCS Mega sound pack

  1. what are you graphic settings? game looks great, very realistic

    btw great job, just as usual.

  2. The engine in your video, what name has it ??? Great sound.

    1. he goes through multiple.. go follow the vid to his youtube channel (and subscribe of course for early updates of his mods) and it’ll give the breakdown of what and when.

    2. Ashwin Koshti

      try this…i havent yet but this is the reply from odd fellow to a similar question in his sound mod for the w900

      You can always lower the turbo volume in interior sii file to your liking.
      sound_data: .t
      name: “/sound/truck/c15/int/turbo_int.ogg”
      looped: true
      volume: 0.25 <—- change it to 0.15 for example

  3. Bl@ckWolf

    Video: ATS MODS: W900 by SCS Mega sound pack. Kriechbaum (American Truck Simulator)

  4. Does all the sounds have that loud turbo whistle? :(

    1. Can it be turned down in anyway besides turning down the volume, it’s the interior sound that is to loud

  5. Amazing! Thank you very much! Keep up the great work :)

  6. You could at least credit me with looking up the proper engine data for you champ.

  7. greeaaattt :)))))

  8. TeddyBear

    not working for me!! :(

    1. Dug Wolfe

      Not working? Not suprising as there are many versions of this game out there and nobody is saying which one there mods are for. I’m running ver. Anyone know of any mods for that which ACTUALLY WORK. Christ! It aint for want of trying, screwing up my install and having to go through the monopolisers at Steam to get it all reinstalled. Also, Why when you now buy a DVD based game is the game not actually on the Effin DVD. This friggin cloud #### is making firms greedy.

  9. Is this sound for a mod 900 or for the new in game 900

    1. Sorry answered my own question.

  10. Cant turn it off for multiplayer

  11. Alienware

    Very good, but the game grasches if I disable it.

  12. Eagle_One_69

    Excellent mod, Sounds so much better…..Thanks!

  13. Bjørn Kollerud

    Hi. The sound of the Paccar MX13 engine is fantastic :) Best sound I have found so fare. Is it possible to have the same sound for Peterbilt 579? That would have been great

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