Kenworth W900 Long Remix 1.29

Black tinted windows
New style to headlight
Paint jobs
Better interior style

Authors in Haulin: pete379jps, Cerritos. Authors in ETS2: Convert, animation and definition in ETS2 – dmitry68 and Stas556 Sound: Kriechbaum (many thanks for your work!) Air from the maxx2504 Remix: from the style


10 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 Long Remix 1.29

  1. American Trucker

    I was just wondering, do you have to have the original V1.6 first than overwrite it with this one, cause I can’t seem to get this truck in my gallery even after extracting it without the original file

  2. fix+the+break+lights+please.++FOR+The+1.29+versions.

    1. Spirited Phoenix

      that one is broken too

  3. This mod is super cool, I googled ARI legacy sleepers and I’m amazed. Question: how many inches is the sleeper (if it’s based off a real model). totally random tidbit but it’s a bragging point when I talk about the truck.

  4. ButtcakeryBakery

    File Not Found, please fix the link.

  5. JimmyBiggums

    Download link not working.

  6. JimmyBiggums

    Download link not working

  7. Yep, link is not working. I hope this one is also being updated for 1.30. Thanks.

  8. IBims1Mark

    The link is down PLEASE FIX!

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