Kenworth W900L Big Bob Edition v 1.0

My revision and correction by the default model SCS.

– Eventually 3 types of cabin: default (Aerocab Sleeper 72 inch)
with vents (Aerocab Sleeper 72 inch) and increased the factory (Studio Sleeper 86 inch).
— Default bossalinie cab, and frame for them was removed.
— 3 types of sleeping bag in intrieri corresponding to the cabs.
– Changed the geometry of the opening front Windows, aligned to the external model
the point of fixing of the canopy also meets the external model.
— 3 frames (265 inches) and frame 4 (275 inches), with their tanks,one custom frame (295 inches).
— Moved the saddle closer to the cab on all frames.
— 2 entirely new bumper (20 inches).
— 1 new V style visor (12-inch).
– Added the CBS station (the author odd_fellow) in interior design, repurposed materials.
– Added in salon 2 of the shift lever (author odd_fellow),
one stock and the second long, with vozmozhnostyu tuning.
— Reconfigured almost all materials and textures on the truck and in the interior.
– Made a brighter red nameplate on the hood.
— Reduce by 10 percent the size of the mirrors on the hood, I do not like these huge mugs.
— The suspension made softer on all frames, now nice ride rocking more default very oak.
— Reconfiguring the camera in the cabin, 67 fov and other settings turning the head.
— Increased the range point settings of the camera, by default it was impossible closer to the dash to install the camera.
— Replaced the default ugly model radio, model odd_fellow, set up the materials.
— Reconfigured the glow of the instruments, on-Board computer postavil of fashion author Piva.
– Added tuning “jar Pepsi..” from the pack SISL
— Painted the engine CAT yellow, on the outside of the model.
— Did the material of the headlights is separate from the Windows of the cabin.
— Set up the reflection glass in the cabin and on the external model.

Test version s



15 thoughts on “Kenworth W900L Big Bob Edition v 1.0

  1. hello !

    No link , update please

  2. HD test video 1.29…

  3. Ссылку на скачивание поправьте,нет там файлов!Исправьте.

  4. The Link do not exist. Its a fake

  5. not working for me when I hit download it says file 404

  6. Here is the link guys :) .

  7. SSSGT. H. DOG

    the link doesn’t even work

  8. Lazy_Youmu

    Big Bob is still around? Thought he quit when the truth came out about how he hacked so many models.

  9. Awesome please add a 72 flat top sleeper is hihgly required thanks

  10. Hey+i+download+it+and+how+do+I+unzip+so+i+can+add+it+to+the+mod+folder+its+not+in+a+scs+file+thank+you

  11. there is no engine sound for me

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