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TomDooley’s Enhanced Kenworth T680/T880 1.29

Date 2017-10-25 15:44

TomDooley Enhanced Kenworth T680/T880

They say if people steal and copy your stuff, you are doing something right. Well, here we are again. I don’t want any re-upload, but the usual *censored* humans won’t care anyway.

A very big THANK YOU to Ric Callahan, who spent quite some hours prodding me to get things presentable.

Credits to 349hugo, Pendragon, Viper, Aradeth, Ohaha, Solaris, GT-Mike and Shin2044 for various parts and inspiration. If yoou think I’ve forgot to credit you, send me a msg on SCS forum, and I’ll check.

This mod was tested on 1.28 and 1.29beta. In case you also use my Pete 579 mod, make sure to put the one you are actually using over the other in mod manager – there’s a texture conflict which I hope to solve at a later date. Also, in 1.29beta, the interior lights have stopped working. They might come back or not. Use as-is for the time being. If I find a way to get them working again, I might release an update.

Download is via sharemods only, so if you find it on a different hoster, it’s an illegit copy, or outright fake. (Actually Happened!) My original release will be a) on atsmods.lt, and b) via Freddy Jimmink’s ATS & ETS2 Old School Skins and More group. Don’t bother demanding other options, I won’t provide them – and if you still find some… you know the drill. Not my upload, not my problem if you download something nasty. Just sayin’.

Remember, since it’s sharemods, activate an adblocker first, and don’t get discouraged if you are told “file not found”. That’s sharemods’ way of saying “Come back later to try again”.

Have fun!

Tom Dooley

Tom Dooley, 349hugo, Pendragon, Viper, Aradeth, Ohaha, Solaris, GT-Mike,Shin2044


Comments (15)

15 Responses to TomDooley’s Enhanced Kenworth T680/T880 1.29

  1. Love your mods… Thanks!

  2. jrf

    hey tom i cant seem to get this to work in 1.29 beta when i am in the cab looking out the window its all red and says texture not found and then crashes to desktop

  3. TomDooley

    Quick fix for the red windows… activate at a higher priority

  4. Tom

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation” – TomDooley


    Quick fix for red windows. New full package will come some time early next week.

  5. jorgent97


  6. American Trucker

    CRASH, CRASH, CRASH!!! I tried numerous times to download and redownload this mod, extracted it and made it number 2 in mod priority list and still crashes. Right now using V1.28 so I know that’s not the issue.Would of been a nice truck to use but as soon as I buy it and start the engine, it crashes!

  7. Wili

    it Works in 1.28?

  8. Wili

    it Works in 1.28? yes or not

  9. shiftyaloaa

    just saying thanks to tom and all who have work to help tom to make this mod

  10. Atsman

    IT SAYS,
    ” Cannot open 7zxa.dll
    The system cannot find the file specified.”
    I cant get it to work

  11. Jorgechow

    Upload to Mega

  12. dark41

    Crashes when selecting other mirrors upgrades (which I can live with). It also overwrites custom engine sounds for other trucks (which I can’t live with). Engines overwriting may be a mod conflict but only happens when this mod is activated or deactivated in mod folder. Great trucks but I can’t use them. :(

  13. stephan de groodt

    love the mod man, but the navi stop working after the new updat can you please fix

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