Kenworth T800 2016 v 1.1

Yeah, yeah I know – this is yet another Kenworth T800 mod. This one is meant to be the 2015/2016 model which in real life reuses parts from W900 and exactly the same is done here.
This mod reuses as many parts from the SCS Kenworth W900 as possible, this way you get an SCS quality (hopefully) Kenworth T800.

– It is registered in the gallery of trucks and in the orders of agencies.
– All trucks are registered in Traffic.
– Added accessories to the cab.
– Own tuning, accessories and wheels.
– Installed left and right hood mirrors.
– On many trucks there is smoke from the exhaust pipes.

Test Ats 1.33- 1.34

GT-Mike ,Modsaver, Kriechbaum,YanRed


8 thoughts on “Kenworth T800 2016 v 1.1

  1. verry bad headlights at night we cant see anything

    -BAD head lights, hard to drive at night and still no extra lights addons slots, to ehance lighting. There is a “roof sleeper lights” slot with NO Lights to add
    -Bumpers not corresponding to the image, and NOT A SINGLE one with lights or extra lights slot
    -NO interior accessory slots
    One word would really describe this truck F R U S T R A T I O N ! ! ! ! If you’re so lazy, why do you make mods…???
    I’m removing it from my game…

    1. This site is fake account for administrator money! Not download all mods in this fake site! :-) Virus & malware active in your PC!

    2. pues el administrador de esta cuenta lo cargo otra vez ya que no he hecho ningun cambio aun asi que deben esperar para corregir los faros las luces asi que manden a la verga al administrador

      1. Yo comprendo muy bien! :-)

  3. i’m using kenworth t800 by dimitry 1.33 works perfectly on 1.34 . this mod is much better then this ####

  4. Fake uploader & mods!

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