Kenworth w900a 1.33.x v 2.0

Included cables
DLC cab Accessories
glass tint
lights with special effects

Free version 2.0

Free version without support or updates that you want to edit it you can do it.

File without Virus

Uploaded by Pantera Trucking (Pancho Pantera)

“Pancho Pantera,XDriver,Dro BeatZz,Bayonet,evh5150vanhalen,rockhobbit99, Corby Colonel SilveradoHD,Stas556,dmitry68,Kriechbaum,Stels Skins by Goran Petkoski (Skinner) and Deven Weber included”


14 thoughts on “Kenworth w900a 1.33.x v 2.0

  1. Pancho Pantera

    it is obligatory to bring the SisL Pack updated otherwise use this link to download

  2. serena_bbd

    no sound and ### is wiyh the water sound? it has a river instead of engine? pice of ####

  3. fake picture no sound no steering wheel junk mod waste of time

  4. TruckerGaming

    Hey look another piece of #### fake mod that crashes the game. and before you assholes ask oh its a mod conflict its a new profile kys.

    1. you can #### my #### trucker dickie gaming if you call us assholes

      1. Farmer Bill

        From all the comments I see you guys are assholes! Fix your mod and maybe you will only be a ###!!!!

  5. Excelente mod jalando al 100 recomendado

  6. egg boi trucker

    just by seeing the comments i dont want to download it now.. xD

  7. Thanks, but how to make a static interior camera for oculus goggle in this modification?

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    This mod crashes my PC! >:(

    Fix it or,remove it completely.

  9. This mod cashed my game also! Must be some issue with it for so many to have the same problem. I can’t help but notice that Pantera Trucking (Pancho Pantera) does not respond to these comments in any way, shame on them for uploading a mod that crashes your game!!!!

  10. Truckercharly

    Pancho, Pancho, Pancho …. if you think, that anybody gives a donation to you to get a working version after seen this trash (CtD), than you are not the intelligentest human under the sun. It´s easy to think: if he had my money first, he is up and away and the mod is´nt working anyway. It´s not the best reference to you … think about a little bit.

  11. jeffynash

    why do we have to install it before we play it I need aweners now.

  12. Don_Claus_Truck

    Update to 1.34, please

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