Kenworth T680 The General ATS 1.34 February 8 Update

– Compatibility update for ATS 1.34

Oh fashion!

This truck recreates-Trux Accessories 2017 show truck. Original 2014 Kenworth T660. Built as a tribute to the military.
Original transmission and engine: Detroit 12.7 liter 550hp engine and 13 speed transmission.
Repainting done by Sirblackyalot, sounds from Kriechbaum, everything else Harven.
The interior is author’s, as there are no reference images (besides, the interior of the T660 looks more like a W900).
There are 6 new full-featured dashboard gauges and lights. You can change the color of the headlights.
The cart is available for quick work (normal and oversized cargo).
SISL accessory support available.
It is an autonomous truck, so it has its definition files, accessories, sounds, etc.
As a bonus, the mod includes a toy with a grenade.
For the most part, this model is already set up by the authors, you, the players, will need to supplement it with details according to their own understanding.

A pomegranate has been added to the salon as a bonus.

Harven, Sirblackyalot, Kriechbaum, SCS


3 thoughts on “Kenworth T680 The General ATS 1.34 February 8 Update

  1. TOP :)

  2. the truck is very good only that they should add the bigger cabins and the big bedroom like the t680 origianal

  3. topsidewolf697

    where did you find the truck?

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