FS19 mods

Kenworth C500 ATS 1.32.x

Date 2018-10-07 09:23

– Standalone
– Two Cabins
– Multiple Chassis all almost identical
– Painted
– Small Tuning – pipes and the little things
– Cable support
– Tested 1.32 Game Version



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10 Responses to Kenworth C500 ATS 1.32.x

  1. The game crashes as soon as I select it for customization…

  2. Gmann

    I wonder if JDM approved this mod post..im sure he didn’t ..as I know him

    • Cody Linker

      How do get in contact with JDM? I bought this mod from him and was never able to download it. I sent him several emails with no response.

  3. Edwards

    what an amazing mod, good work

  4. BS1

    Standalone? I can see SCS’ parts from here!

  5. chris garneau


  6. BigJhon

    Stolen mod!

  7. Toyota Lease Trust

    Paid mods=cancer. Very happy it got put out there.

    • Nate M.

      Someone did hours of work to make something that you’re enjoying. Why shouldn’t that person get paid for their time? You pay for everything else you watch, listen to, eat, drink, even the water you #### into and that money went to line some corporate goon’s pockets. But some guy just like you on his computer trying to make a little extra money on something he worked hard on and did a good job and now all of a sudden you’re clutching your coin purse like a little old lady getting mugged? What a ####.

  8. Armando

    Muy bueno

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