Kenworth T880 Fix ATS 1.32.x

* Texture cleanup
* Corrected Lights
* Made Standalone
* Added advanced coupling for short chassis
* Def file cleanup and tweaking
* Removed incorrect Engines
* Added correct Engines
* Added correct Gearboxes
* Added missing Icon for Truck Configurator

FRANCK PERU, Fixed galimim


5 thoughts on “Kenworth T880 Fix ATS 1.32.x

  1. No work dashboard light… This it no fix truck mod!

  2. REVIEW:

  3. Freddy Mercury

    Why do I find it hard to believe this is an upload with the author‘s consent….?

    1. Deputydawg

      Probably because the person doesn’t have it but then again, we could be wrong too.

      1. It really doesn;t matter. We have to rely on third party mod authors in order to actually be able to use ANY of Frank Peru’s trucks. All Frank can possibly be given credit for is giving us a physical model to work with. If it weren’t for Harven, for example, we would not have a working Mack Anthem from Frank Peru in the game at all. Don;t get me wrong. I appreciate Frank bringing the models to the community so we can have more trucks. But beyond that, he is clueless about how to actually get the truck working in game, so we rely on these other uploaders to somehow get these trucks working for us.

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